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Lou Watkins

Thanks to Louis Watkins for sending these photos in from his time in Singapore.  Lou was in Singapore from May 1965 to July 1968.  First attending Bourne School then in September 1966 St. John's.

107 Wellington

107 Wellington

Our house in the Naval Base opposite the Dockyard swimming pool, tennis courts & football pitch

Dockyard Club

Dockyard Club

This was captioned " View from Dockyard Club" and would appear to be the view looking south.

Dockyard Pool

Dockyard Pool

This was the view from our house looking across to the Dockyard Swimming Pool.

Chargemans Bungalow

Chargemans Bungalow

A picture which was passed to  me by a friend, taken in the late 50's or early 60's in the Naval Base, we think this may have been the single men's quarters for unaccompanied chargemen

Falklands Road

Falkland Road

This photo was not labelled, but we think it may be Falkland Road in the Naval Base, but if anyone can identify it, let me know.

King George V Dock

View looking across to King George V Dry Dock in the Dockyard, and in the background you can just make out the Aerials of the Radio Station.

The Naval Base Theatre Club production - Laughter in the Dark

Front Cover

The Royal Naval Base Theatre Club - production 'Laughter in the Dark'

Laughter in the Dark - Back stage crew

Dockyard Players backstage crew for the production of "Laughter in the Dark"

Laughter in the dark - Cast list

Dockyard Players actors for the production of "Laughter in the Dark"

Laughter in the Dark - curtain call

Cast of "Laughter in the Dark" taking their curtain call.

Dress Rehersal

Play in progress (Dress rehearsal night)



This photo relates to an article from the Summit Magazine which appears on St. Johns 3 webpage.  I was one of the party on that trip.




The Loco directly ahead of the camera is, I think 564.04 the ill fated loco mentioned in the article.

Branch Train


Branch train arriving at Gemas from the east coast, tall lad on the right is probably Geoff Cox, as it certainly isn't Mick Ellison or Ian Hughes

St. Johns Railway Club

The St. John's Railway Club layout at the school Open Day in 1968, the only person I can positively I.D. is Andrew Cole who is at the back right in shorts.

Another photo of the layout can be seen here on St. Johns School Boarders webpage.

Oggy Night

Oggy Night

The Mad Dockyardies abroad, celebrating Oggy Night at the Dockyard Social club, not all of them were from Devonport (They received temporary West Country passports for the night!)

An explanation of Oggy Night

Further information on the Cornish Pasty

Oggy Night

Oggy Night

The Oggy Night version of a Maypole Dance.  The fan the ribbons were attached to was never quite the same again.

Oggy Match

 Players & officials (in smocks, gaiters & straw hats, NO BIAS) leaving the pitch at the end of the “Devon & Cornwall XI versus The World XI” Oggie match, all part of the Oggie night celebrations.

Oggy Match

 Bishop Oggie handing out the after match medals ( Pasties)



Oggy night blessing

 Bishop Oggie & his disciples blessing the Oggie before the evening meal commenced.


Farewell Card

Farewell Card

The Invitation card for the combined Farewell Party for a whole group of Dockyardies including the parents of me, Julie Sugrue, and  Anna Googan.

Achille Party

Achille Party

A group of school kids who stayed on to take O & A levels in May/June 1968, The only people I can positively I.D. in the photo are far right Steve Edgecombe, third from right Anna Googan, fifth from right (boy side on) Cliff Andrews, plus far left a chap called Fred who was at RAF Changi School.  The number of bottles on the table explain the quality of the photo.

Achille Lauro 1968


The Carnaby Street night party on board the Achille, August 1968

Achille Lauro 1968


Achille Lauro, August 1968. Winning fancy dress group. We were red indians from the blackfoot tribe. Left to Right. Steve Edgecumbe, unknown, me, Fred, Cliff Andrews.

Achille Lauro

Achille Lauro

The ship that was diverted from its normal Australia - Italy run to pick up a large contingent of Brit Families returning to the U.K. after exams on 30th July 1968 which left from the Liner Pier in the docks at Singapore. (not the location of this Lauro Line publicity photo)


My mother writing the inventory of what possessions were going in which packing crate as the packers wrapped everything up in June 1968.



A familiar site to many of us waving farewell to friends & loved ones at the quayside in Singapore Docks ("Godown 44" rings a bell as the jetty for liners, anybody remember?)  This is the Oronsay in March/April 1967, which was en-route from New Zealand to the U.K.  I cannot remember why there was a film crew on the dockside.



The best shot of the Oronsay I could get in the days before wide angle lenses.

A line up of dockyard wives dated 18 September 1967 taken by T K Lee  of Lee Photo Studio, Admiralty Road West, HM Naval Base

Maria Googan (left) at the naval base club, poss aka the Britannia club?

Changi Padang

Shot taken from back of Changi beach looking across the Padang.


Ice cream tricycle

Push bike ice cream salesman in Tank Road on the day of the Thaipusam procession.


Jalan Kemuning

View from our bungalow in Jalan Kemuning looking across to what I think was the Pover’s bungalow (Leslie Pover their daughter sculpted the new Nelson Trafalgar 200 statue in Portsmouth)



My mother took this photo of the jewellery sellers somewhere down in Singapore town.


Kota Tinggi tin mine

This is a view looking south away from the falls towards the tin mine, showing the draw off leat apparently running uphill to the mine workings.


Football flood

Rain stopped play after an hour of monsoon rain taken from our house in Wellington Road, of the dockyard football pitch under water.


Tiger & mickey

Our tomcat Tiger & Anna Googan’s female cat Mickey enjoying the sun,  possibly after creating the kittens that Mickey had.


Wellington Floods

View across to the Dockyard swimming pool taken at the same time as the football pitch floods showing how the drains couldn’t cope.


St. Johns Comprehensive School

View of St. John's

circa1967 photo of Maria Googan with their cook Amah outside their home  in 109 Wellington Road, Singapore 27. 


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