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Singapore Schools Reunion - Hatfield 2010 page 3


Many thanks to Anna Googan for these reunion photos.

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Alan Cottrell and Ken Wildon

Ken Wildon and Julian Barry

Marilyn, Anna (Googan) Poliszczuk, Lynne McWilliam

past midnight at the bar
Tom O'Brien, Paul Wingrove, Christine Emerson

Tom O'Brien, Paul Wingrove, Christine Emerson

Mike O'Meara and Paul Wingrove


Mick Cawley and ??

Naval Base reunion

Lou Watkins, Clarice Byrne, Julie (Sugrue) Ivens, Dee Hinton

 Clarice Byrne. Julie (Sugrue) Ivens, Marianna (Anna Googan) Poliszczuk is happy wearing the glitter ball outfit.

Terry Bettesworth, Anna Googan Poliszczuk and Sheila Chamberlain

Peter Wythe, Clarice and Mick Byrne

Tom O'Brien and Ralph Mayers "I like your camera"

night time group
 John Austin, Keith, Phil Hopping, Gill Mallett, Hilary Youngman and Marilyn Shanley

Marianna Poliszczuk, Sue Dorrington, Mike Cawley

Lou Watkins and Anna Googan -  next door neighbours in the Naval Base

Joyce Nicholson, Lynne Wilson and Ian Harvey

Giselle, John, and Keith

Dee (Morton) Hinton and Lynne (Wilson) Copping

Wendy Barry and Lynne Copping

Lesley and Anna - new friendship

Anna's school basket dug out of the loft especially for this reunion

Marianna Poliszczuk with original 1960s school BASKET


Thanks to Rick Faulkner for these photos of what was to be a memorable reunion for him.

Dennis Crowe and Rick Faulkner meeting up again for the first time in nearly 40 years.



Dennis Crowe

Dennis and Marilyn

Rick and Dennis


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