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Singapore Revisited 10


Home Page

Page 1 - Jane Radford

return visit to Singapore

Page 2 - Jane Radford

includes Canada Road

Page 3 - Jane Radford

includes Kuala Lumpur

Page 4 - Roger Thomas

includes Portsdown Road

Page 5 - John Harper

Chinese New Year

Page 6 - Dave Papworth

Ford Factory Museum

Page 7- Dave Papworth

General Singapore Scenes

Page 8 - Dave Papworth

Night Scenes, River trip

Page 9 - Dave Papworth

Tiger Balm Gardens

Page 10 - Dave Papworth

Ten Courts of Hell

Page 11 - Lynne Copping

includes two photos of former St. Johns School.

Page 12 - Sue Dorrington

Flooded Orchard Rd. 2010

Page 13 - Paul Hockey

March 2010

Page 14 - Leslie Rutledge


Tiger Balm Gardens

Sins & Punishments in Ten Courts of Hell

The Guardians of the courts of Hell 

Guardians of the courts of Hell

Those to be judged cross the bridge in to Hell and the courts

1st Court - King Qinguang conducts preliminary trials 

2nd Court - King Chujiang

Conmen, robbers, inflicting physical injury are thrown into a volcano pit

Prostitutes are thrown into a pool of blood and drowned

For corruption, stealing and gambling one is frozen into blocks of ice

3rd court - King Songdi

Ungratefulness, disrespect to elders or escape from prison have their heart cut-out

Drug addiction & traffickers

Tomb robbers are tied to a red hot copper pillar and grilled

4th court - King Wuguan

For tax dodging, a refusal to pay rent or commit business fraud results in being pounded by a stone mallet


Disobedience to one's siblings or lack of filial piety results in being ground up by a large stone

5th court - King Yanluo

Plotting another's death for his property or money or money lenders with exorbitant interest rates results in being thrown onto a hill of knives

6th court - King Piencheng

Cheating, cursing, abducting others results in being thrown onto a tree of knives

Misuse of books, possession of pornography material, breaking written rules and regulations or wasting food results in one’s body sawn into half or thrown onto a tree of knives

7th court - King Taishan

Rumourmongers or sowing discord among family members have their tongue pulled out

Rapists or those driving someone to their death are thrown into wok of boiling oil  

8th court - King Dushi

For a lack of filial obedience, causing trouble for parents or family members or cheating during examinations one’s intestines and organs pulled out.  Those harming others to benefit ones self have their body dismembered

9th court - King Pingdeng

Robbers, murderers and rapists plus those committing any other unlawful conduct have their head and arms chopped off.  Neglect of the old and the young results in being crushed under boulders

10th court - King Zhuanlun

Finally (if one survives all that), there is the "Wheel of Reincarnation" and the "Pavilion of Forgetfulness" where one can drink the "Meng Po Magic Tea" 

and forget the past and be reborn either as human or animal.


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