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Singapore Southern Islands Tours Brochure

Thanks to Bob Simons for this brochure

Front page

Pages 1 and 4

Pictures of Singapore Harbour, Clifford Pier and the Waterfront, also a fishing Kelong south of Pu. Sebarok, a Malay Hamlet in Pu. Sudong, and Houses on stilts at low tide.

Centre Pages 2 and 3

A map showing the route of both the Harbour Tour and the Southern Islands Tour

Pages 5 and 6

Picture captions are 'A Malaysian Mermaid basking in the sun, 'Pu. Hantu - Ghost Island, a popular resort', 'Raffles Lighthouse - Gateway to Singapore' and Pu. Senang - Island of Ease'...and Intrigue'.  Page 6 continues with a description of the Mermaid Island Tours.

Back Page

Details and prices of the Southern Islands Tours Organisation Ltd.  Prices are quoted in Malaysian Dollars, not Singapore Dollars which gives an indication of the date of publication.


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