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RAF Changi


Many thanks to Barry Fagg for sending in this map of RAF Changi also the 'Here is Royal Air Force Changi' Booklet. (in PDF format)

This card I received from George when I first revisited Singapore on my way to Australia. I broke the strap of my digital camera whilst in Changi Village and the last shop in the street was open and it was George Photo, complete with George behind the counter with photographs of RAF Changi behind him. About 25-30 years ago.

RAF Changi Map

Booklet in PDF format
Here is a booklet issued to new arrivals at RAF Changi in 1969

Here's Royal Air Force Changi

It's in PDF format (1.2Mb) and is hyperlinked throughout.

Click Here

Barry Fagg also sent these 8 photos scanned from 'farewell to Changi' article in the last Changi Informer.

Cameron Hotel

Cameron Hotel

A 2006 photo of the Cameron Hotel, thanks to Peter Chan.  It was popular with RAF personnel in transit to the UK after their engagement was over.  Cameron Hotel is located at Guan Soon Avenue, off Upper Changi Road.  Jeffery Abdullah adds, that this hotel is located very near to Simei Housing Estate. If you take the MRT, the station that you need to alight will be SIMEI MRT Stn and then its a walking distance cutting through the footpath next to the new condominiums and private houses.

Airmen Swimming Pool.


Airmen Swimming Pool

Photo taken by Mike James, who is the Chairman of the RAF Changi Association.

Photo submitted by Johnny Ho

Airmen Swimming Pool located at the Padang Sports Field, Turnhouse Road.  In modern context, the old pool is now occupied by the SIA (Singapore Airlines) Club House.  The Padang Sports Field is still around and mainly used as a football pitch.  Occasionally cricket is played. (by Peter Chan)


Thanks to Derek Lehrle for these two photos

Far East Communications Squadron - Circa 1955

Far East Communications Squadron - Circa 1955

My thanks to Peter Hayler who is standing behind the back row.  A Cpl Engine fitter at that time from 1954-1957.  The far East Coms Sqn had a fleet of Valletta aircraft used for transporting people about the far East also a variety of aircraft for the pilots in desk jobs to keep their hand in at flying. The sqn was situated just off the Changi Road  and a hundred yards or so before the village. We walked along Wittering Road to and from the mess and our barrack block which was next to the Malcolm Club. The other side of the Malcolm club was the Wraf Block.

Photographs of Changi Village as it is today, can be seen in a photo album organised by Lam Chun See called For Friends at Memories of Spore

Changi Junior School.

Changi Junior School

Thanks to Andrew Barnes for this school photo taken in June 1966.  Andrew is 3rd from the right on the back row.  If you recognise yourself then please email me.  Andrew lived at 38a Sealand Road, and went onto Secondary School at R A F Seletar, before returning to the UK in May 1967.  Adrian Gallagher has identified himself as being on the back row first right.  Adrian lived at 16b Duxford Road.  Carol Elander informed me that her sister, Christine Spillane is the last pupil on the far right of the middle row.  They got posted to RAF Brize Norton after Singas.

See more Changi Junior and Infant school photos here

Singapore (Changi) Scout Group.

Singapore (Changi) Scout Group

Andrew Barnes has sent this photo, taken 1965-66.  Again if you recognise yourself, then please get in touch.

Irene Lane has contacted the site to say that she is the Cub Scout Leader on the right.  She was in her teens then and known as 'Raksha' mother wolf.  Also in the photo is her younger brother Derek Lane who is third from right.

Ellen Harding wrote in the Guest Book that "The Scout Master is my Dad John William Harding and the Scout top right is my brother Colin."

Simon McMahon has said that

"I am standing at the back, directly behind the female scout leader on the left.  Michael Stamford to the left of me.  Simon Smith far left.  Malcolm Stamford third from left.  Robert Wood far right"

Changi Scouts 1201

Mick Hall's Patrol Leaders Certificate.


The Manstonettes

Martin Woodward sent this photo which was taken in 1959 at the RAF base in Changi in the scout hut which was on the perimeter of Changi airfield.


My father was stationed there from 1956/57/58/59, I was 13yrs old and lived in Manston road with my Mother Isobel.


While I was there, some friends who lived in the same road and I formed a group called the Manstonettes.


This photo shows me on the double base, next to me not known, and the three others were David and Colin Stocker with their younger brother Peter.


Does anyone remember the Manstonettes and the unknown guitarist?

Map of Changi Creek Hotel.



Hotel Rules.  My thanks to Mick Hall for giving me these at the 2010 Singapore Schools Reunion at Hatfield.


RAF Changi - Fire Section Xmas party 1963

RAF Changi Fire Section Xmas party '63

Photo submitted by John Irwin.  John has photos of Changi Village and other Singapore landmarks on his Singapore in the '60s pages.


15 Selarang Park Road, Changi

My thanks to Marion Body for these two photos.  Marion lived here with her sister Madeliene (Maddy) in 1968.  They were there for about a year with her father Malcolm, an officer (Lieutenant or Captain) in REME and mother Marguerite (Peggy). Marion particularly remembers the stories of how hundreds of POWs were billeted in the house that the four of them then occupied.  

15 Selarang Park Road - rear view

RAF Changi 1966


PDF format RAF Changi Association Poster

RAF Changi Association Poster in PDF format


The photos below are from Cat Whiteaway www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/waleshistory/cat_whiteaway/  who is trying to make contact with Twylia Worlund on behalf of Kathy Dymond.  Good news is that she has been located. Read the story here

Kathy and her husband Stuart had met in Singapore in the 1950s when she was stationed there whilst working as a telephonist in the WRAF and him in the RAF. Kathleen Dymond and Stuart MacKay married at Changi in 1959 and their bridesmaid was Kathy’s best friend; Twylia Worlund.


Twylia was an American who worked in the naval department at the American Embassy. Kathy and Stuart haven’t seen or heard from her in over 50 years as time has passed, address books lost and different continents were crossed.

Kathy looked upon Twylia like a sister and had such fond memories she was very keen to find out what had happened to her.

Kathleen Dymond, Twylia Worlund, Elaine (surname unknown but she was American) and Paddy McNamee (later Mitchell)

Ronald M Mitchell AKA “Mitch”, Kathleen Dymond, “Mo” Mosely and Stuart Mackay. Mo & Mitch were part of the security guard detail at the US Consulate.

My thanks to  Douglas Craner for these photos.  Doug said "I found these B/W photo's of Changi, also a pic of my house 687 Upper Changi Road.  RAF Changi from the air, was taken by my father in a HP Hastings, he was with 48 Sqd"

Changi Village mid 1960's

687 Upper Changi Road

RAF Changi from the air

48 Sqd, H.P Hastings, based at Changi, mid 60's


Margaret Hood has submitted this photo of a darts presentation at Changi.  She said "I think the year is 65/66 but not sure for certain.  My Dad is the one standing on the far left, his name was Eddie Pierce. After leaving Changi he was posted to Leuchars in Fife. I would like to know if anyone knows who the other men are."  If you can recognise any of the men, please email me and I with pass the information on.

Changi School Magazine - Seahorse 1967

Changi School Magazine - Seahorse 1967.pdf

I don't know who contributed this.  I will credit the owner if they get in touch.

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