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Alan Brocklehurst

My thanks to Alan Brocklehurst for these photos.  Alan was at RAF Seletar with his parents from 1966 to 1968 aged 15 to 17.  His younger brother Colin was aged 4 to 6.

Alan and Colin

Alan and Colin ready for school

Mum, Dad and Colin

Mum Dad (Leah and Stan)  and Colin in the front garden 51 Regent Street RAF Seletar.

Alan and friends

Alan and friends at Kota Tinggi Mining Company

Alan using a blowpipe

Alan using blowpipe Dave Talbot behind

Barry Little with knives

Barry Little with knives with others at Kota Tinggi

Dave Talbot

Dave Talbot at a school on way to Fort Brook

Group of lads - Barry Little in centre

Group of Lads going up jungle Barry Little in centre

One of my group in the jungle

One of my group in the jungle