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Rick Faulkner

My thanks to Rick Faulkner for these seven pages of photos from his time in Singapore.  Rick attended St. John's whilst there.  The last two pages are colour photos from a return visit to Singapore in 1974/5.





? Brunsden (Malcolm's brother)

Bill Neen & Malcolm Newby on 5 metre board, SSC

Bill Neen at SSC

Bill Neen under Umbrella at SSC

Bill Neen with Glass at SSC


Boys' Boarding Houses from Buses at St John's

Bruce Culmsee, Jan Barsanti & ?

Bruce Culmsee, ??, Malcolm Newby & Sue Blanthorne

Bruce Culmsee in Snooker Room at SSC


Bruce Culmsee at SSC_2

Bruce Culmsee in Digger Hat

Bruce Culmsee with Playboy

Bruce Culmsee with Playboy 1

Bruce Culmsee at SSC

Cathy ?, Bill Neen & Jill Casey

?, Cathy ? & Bill Neen

Corinne Nast at SSC


Mike Smith, Marylyn Wilson, Dennis Crowe & Richard Stead on Pulau Tekukor

Dave Green & Sally Green (no relation)

Dave Green in Crash Hat

Dave Green, Jan Barsanti, Richard Stead & Dave Wilson

?, Dave Green, Bill Neen, ??, Sue Blanthorne & Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson & Bill Neen on dinghy raid

Dave Wilson & Bill Neen nicking Dinghy

?, Dave Wilson & Dave Green on Lilo

Dave Wilson & Malcolm Newby

Dave Wilson, Malcolm Newby & Marylyn Wilson

?, Dave Wilson, ??, Mary Morrison & Malcolm Newby

Dennis Crowe

Dennis Crowe

? & Dennis Crowe

?, Dave Wilson. ? & Dennis Crowe

Dennis Crowe, Sports Day, Dover Road

Dennis Crowe gets his teeth into Anatomy at St John's

Dennis Crowe looking shifty

Dennis Crowe on Drums

Dennis Crowe with catch of the day

Dennis Crowe with hat

Dennis Crowe with Spear gun

Diane Curtis & Sheila Glen

Diane Curtis at SSC

Diane Curtis, Dave Green & Malcolm Newby at SSC

Duncan Newby Flying off 5 Metre Board at SSC

Duncan Newby Learning New Dive at SSC

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