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St. John's School Boarders

Dover House - Gurkha having a haircut

St. Johns School, Dover House

A Gurkha Boarder having his hair cut

by a local barber who was employed

every so often to do a ‘short back and sides’


Photo submitted by Maurice Hann

St. Johns Model Railway Clud - Dover House

St Johns Model Railway Club at Dover House.

Photo submitted by Maurice Hann.

message for former Model Railway Club members on Can you Help page.

Carl Hobbs and Philip Amos - Richborough House 1969


Sent by Carl Hobbs who was a Boarder

for a short while in Richborough House in 1969.

Carl is second from the right.

Photo taken in Richborough House.


Philip Amos who is first on the right, has identified Brynley Allen as second from the left, and Christopher Arnell as third from the left.  Philip is not sure but thinks that the lad who is first left could be Frances Flynn.


St. Johns Boarders Laundry Form.

Half-Term outing for Boarders of Dover House to Sisters Island, just south of Sentosa, also known as Pulau Suber Laut. Photos from Maurice Hann

Sisters Island


Thanks to Stuart McArthur for these scans, he said "Whilst trying to find some photos, I came across a sheet of paper where most of the more senior boys had written their names and "nick-names" etc."  Stuart's other photos can be seen here

Dover House 1966

Dover House 1966

Dover House 1966

Dover House 1966


Thanks to Robert Todd for these photos of Richborough House in 2000, not long before it was demolished.  Robert's other photos include the demolished section of Bourne School and Nee Soon Barracks as it is today.

Richborough House in 2000

Richborough House in 2000

Ground Floor Common Room

Ground Floor Common Room

Corridor with Study Rooms on the right

Corridor with Study Rooms on the right

Thanks to Angela Mack for these three photos.  Taken in one of the Houses where her brother stayed after the family returned in 1968 to the UK, so that he could finish his 'O' Level Curriculum, and sit them at St. Johns.  See Angelas' other photos here, and also her Singapore in the '60s photos.


Are you in this photo?


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