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Tim Brown - page 3


My mum at Seletar reservoir

Sunset at Seletar

Tiger balm gardens

Tiger balm gardens

Tiger balm gardens

House of owners of rubber plantation in Malaya

Vanessa (note painting from Sembawang market in background)



RN School swimming gala

RN School swimming gala

Seletar Reservoir

Ford Consul


Our house in Jalan Salang

Christmas party

Another of my favourite photos.  Me with my mum at Seletar reservoir – note Naval Patrol vehicle in shot


Seletar reservoir

queuing for the BBQ

Envelope – great to remind us where we lived!

Giant moth in my parents bedroom

Seletar reservoir

My best friend Wheeler (can’t remember his first name).

My Mum, Dad, sister Vanessa, uncle Alan and friends at night out

RN School swimming gala

Me at helm on way to Ban Yan!

Rubber trees in Malaya

Me with Allison and Vanessa at rubber tree

Looks like a Ban Yan scene

Me, Allison and our Dad on the air beds!

My sister Jo who liked to live in either a basket or a bucket!

The Brown family relaxing

Allison diving into pool at HMS Terror Officer’s club

In Malaya on road to Kuala Lumpur

my sister Jo


Me (looks like it was a hard days swim)

My Mum

View of our house

Brown family Christmas. My dad took the photo – dad’s friend Mick Stratford in picture

HMS Fearless passing through Jahore Bahru straits.

HMS Fearless passing through Jahore Bahru straits

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