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School Plays

Thanks to Geoffrey Moore for sending two programmes of plays.  'Oliver' presented by St. Johns in March 1969 and 'The Wizard of Oz' presented by Bourne School in April 1968.

Alan Williams and David Long

Jeff Harris and Frank Wood

Cast List

Philip Hudson, Jean Simpson, Ann Harris and Graham Carter

List of Back Stage Staff

John Walters, Jennifer Bailey and Norman Daniels


Geoffrey Moore had a couple of roles in 'The Wizard of Oz' and the back cover of his programme is covered in participants autographs.

Andrew Smith, Stephen Brown, Susan Rumball, Richard McKay and Michael Walling

Forward by C. Buckley - Headmaster

William Shadbolt, Gai Brown, Philippa Finnis, Claire Hawkins and James Simpson.

Cast List


Scenes from the play

Production Team


Geoffrey Moores' collection of autographs


Thanks to Lynda Fisher (nee Robinson) for these photos of a programme for two Operettas, performed by Bourne School pupils.  She is not sure of the date, but its somewhere between September 1965 and June 1966.  Lynda sang as Mozarts’ mother, and her sister was in the Chorus. (these were previously on the Bourne School page)

Cast list for Barbarina

Cast list for The Boy Mozart

Forward by C. Buckley the Headmaster

Cast of The Boy Mozart.

Thanks to Lynn Fallon for these scans from her copy of a programme for a play performed by Bourne School Staff in 1966.

Front Cover

a farce by John Dighton, produced by David Hunt.

Forward by C. Buckley

Norman Davies, Ron Godfrey, Pete Nunns, John Battershell, Stewart Scarlett, Mike Burns and Ron Holt.

Cast List

Behind the scenes

Kay Beeston, Patricia Back, Ann Smith, Pat Atkinson, Coral Kernick and Gill Miles.

Keep Faith - Fidem Tene



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