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Rick Faulkner - page 3

Crowd seeing Rick off on 7th July 1967

L to R.  Lindsay Jackson, Phil Brunsden, Larraine Doyle (Changi School and SSC),  Jill Casey, Ian Jackson, Jan Barsanti (American - not at school), Corinne Nast (Changi and SSC), Malcombe Newby and Bill Neen (Changi and SSC).

Malcolm Newby

Malcolm Newby & Jill Casey

Malcolm Newby & Jill Casey at SSC

Malcolm Newby & Jill Casey in Pool at SSC

Malcolm Newby & Jill Casey in Water at SSC

Malcolm Newby & others at SSC

Malcolm Newby at SSC

Malcolm Newby, ??, Bill Neen, Jill Casey & Dave Green

Malcolm Newby, Corinne Nast & ??

Malcolm Newby, Dave Green, Larraine Doyle, ??, Jill Casey, Casey, Bill Neen on his knees & Rick Faulkner above and behind

Malcolm Newby Disciplining brother Duncan at SSC

Malcolm Newby, Sheila Holder, Sheila Glen & Diane Curtis at SSC

Malcolm Newby stretching Rick Faulkner's neck at SSC

Malcolm Newby Table Tennis at SSC

Malcolm Newby with Cigarette at SSC

Mark ?? & Mary Allan, Bath

Mary Allan

Mary Allan & Fioretta Jones

Mary Allan on board Chitral 1967

Mary Allan on board Chitral July 1967

Mary Allan on Chitral

Mary Allan playing Deck tennis on board P&O Chitral

Mary Morrison

Mary Morrison

??, Mary Morrison & Ian ??

Mary Morrison & Lindsay Hurst at Jason's Bay

Mary Morrison, ?? & Rick Faulkner

Mary Morrison & Sally Green

Mary Morrison at Jason's Bay

Mary Morrison at St John's

Mary Morrison doing Twiggy

Mary Morrison at St John's Fashion Show

Mary Morrison Newspaper Clipping

Mary Morrison near School Bus Stop

Mary Morrison on Pulau Hantu

Mary Morrison, Dave Wilson, Ian ?? & Rick Faulkner

Mick Bedlow, Bruce Culmsee, Bill Neen, Dave Wilson & Chris Tansley with dead dog

Mike Smith on Pulau Tekukor

Ian ??, Cathy ?? & Dave Wilson


Party (Dennis Crowe holding drumsticks)

Party at Braddell Heights

Party at Braddell Heights

Marita Cree at Braddell Party

Philip ??, Ian Hanley (squatting)

Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson on Pulau Tekukor

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