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Rick Faulkner - page 7

Ma & Pa (Binoculars) on Junk

Ma & Pa on Junk

Françoise, Pa & Ma on Junk

Pa on Junk - Furled Sail

Furled Sail

Rick at Rail on Junk


Rick with Pulau Tekukor Behind

Rick with Singapore Backdrop

Rick Working on Junk

Rick in front of Sail

Singapore Skyline from Harbour

Pulau Tekukor

Pulau Twin

Fish Trap

Fish Trap Dwelling

Fishing Village

Orchid Farm







Tiger Orchid

Orchid in Pa's Garden

White Flowers against a Blue Sky

Pink Flowers


Palm Tree, Medway Park

Pa, Ma & Françoise Overlooking Sentosa

Singapore Skyline


House on Holland Road

BHC Singapore

Ma & Pa at BHC

Françoise Playing Croquet

Françoise at High Commission Pool

Pool at BHC

Pool at BHC

Singapura Hotel, Orchard Road

Orchard Road

Wasp's Nest on Pa's Loudspeaker

Rhinoceros Beetle

Rhinoceros Beetle

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