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Rick Faulkner - page 5

St John's Fountain and Hall

St John's Headmaster's House

St John's Looking towards Pool and Tennis Courts

St John's Mr Ion's Physics Class

St John's Pool

St John's Science Block

St John's Tennis Court

St John's Visitors' Cars

Sue Blanthorne

Sue Blanthorne and Dave Wilson


Sue Blanthorne

Sue Blanthorne at SSC

Sue Blanthorne at SSC

Sue Blanthorne at St John's

Sue Blanthorne, Bruce Culmsee, Dave Smith & Others on San Pan

Sue Blanthorne, _, _, Bruce Culmsee, Lindsay _ & _

Sue Blanthorne, Bruce Culmsee & Others on San Pan

Sue Faulkner

Tony Voakes at SSC

Terry Hale, Jan Barsanti, Bruce Culmsee, Corinne Nast, Bill Neen, Larraine Doyle, Malcolm Newby & Ian ?

Terry Hale passed away on 25th May 2005 and is fondly remembered by those that knew him.

Terry Hale, Bill Neen, Malcolm Newby, Jan Barsanti, Corinne Nast, Tony Voakes (?), Bruce Culmsee & Lindsay ?

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