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Rick Faulkner - page 6

Pages 6 and 7 are photos from a return visit Rick made to Singapore in 1974/5.

17 Sandwich Road, Medway Park

Breakfast at 17 Sandwich Road

Medway Park in Rain

Françoise in front of 17 Maidstone Road

Ma with Deeta

Fan Palm, Medway Park

St John's, as was


Cable-Cars, Sentosa

Cable-Cars Running to Sentosa

Cable-Cars Running to Sentosa

Coconuts up a Tree

Flame of the Forest, Medway Park




Dancers Posing Outside

Hey Mr Tambourine Man

Snake Charmer with Cobra

Snake on Leaf

Snake on Twig

Woman with Platform Shoes and Python



Peacock Head

Peacock on Rocks

Black Swans Upended


Bald Bird

Emu Head

Fancy Pigeon


Flamingos at Jurong

Françoise & Ma, Bird Park

Françoise & Pa at Orchid Farm

Françoise & Rick on Bench

Françoise & Rick on Bridge, Jurong Bird Park

Françoise by Waterfall at Jurong Bird Park

Rick at Jurong Waterfall


Highest Indoor Waterfall, Jurong Bird Park

Françoise with Manniken-Pis

Rick with Tripod

Françoise with Tree Stump

Garden Fumigation

Haw Par Villa

Elephant Tusks, Haw Par Villa

Haw Par Villa Interior

Haw Par Villa Interior

Françoise at Haw Par Villa

Françoise at Haw Par Villa

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