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Dee Morton

My thanks to Dee Morton for these photos of the Naval Base Charity Football Match, and of herself and friends at St. John's

The boys team in a charity football match played by the Naval Base teenagers I think in 1965. In the pic. Paul and Graham Truscott, Dave Black, Dave McCullum, Les Beckwith, Richard Mason, Barry Thompson and others.


The girls team including back row Dee Morton, 2, Linda Sims,  4, and Laura Gilbert Can anyone identify 2 and 4 in the line up L to R?

Front L to R  Jemima Reed, Linda Kelloway, Pam Kelloway, Linda Musgrove ? Pauline Jackson, Sue Le Maux. Can anyone identify the person with the flag?

Girls Team

Charity Football Match Press Report

Laura Gilbert and Dee Morton

Laura Gilbert, Pam Kelloway, Dee Morton and Linda Sims


Laura Gilbert, Lin Kelloway and Princess Alice.

Laura Gilbert Dee Morton Linda Sims Pam Kelloway

Anyone know where Linda or Pam are? Laura and I would love to get back in touch

Thanks to Trevor Cheesman for these two mementoes

Naval Base Singers present 'Merrie England' in June 1969

Dockyard Club Dance Ticket


Thanks to Laura Gilbert for these two photos.  Laura was there 1963/66.


Naval Base Charity Football Match