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Mike Newham

I was in Singapore from 1958-61 and again 1965-68. The photos cover the, second tour when I lived in Sembawang Springs then the Naval Base. I went to St. John's until 1967 when I went into the Dockyard as an apprentice.

Back : Anna Googan, and possibly Colin Wenham

Middle: Hazel Beckwith, Keith Edwards (?), Mike Newham, Sandra Thwaites, Ian “Haggis” Roberts.

On Floor: ?

Keith Edwards Mike Howell,?, ?, ?, Mike Newham, Ian “Haggis” Roberts.

? Thomson, ?

Alan Cawkwell

Sembawang Springs

What pool was this?

Where the illicit booze was stored at “Teenage Dances”!

Dockyard Swimming Pool

St Andrews Church, Naval Base – In monsoon!

Naval Base Cinema

Naval Base Cinema

The Padang

Clifford Pier on Collyer Quay

Singapore Harbour

Presidents Palace-?

Leaving on the Achille Lauro, July 1968

All unknown except Mike Howell - front middle sitting.

Swimming Gala at the Dockyard Pool

Dockyard Pool

Singapore Supreme Court

Achille Lauro 1968

Aggie Weston's

Dockyard Club


Chong Pang

Road to Beulieu Beach

Naval Base Bus

NB Mosque

Orchard Rd

Cold Storage

Swimming Pool

Terror Officers Pool - Car Park

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