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Alayne Hanger


Thanks to Alayne Hanger for these photos taken in and around the dockyard swimming pool about April 1968.  Alayne was in Singapore from 1967 to 1969.

Derek Simons and Mike Beer

Janis (?) and her little brother

Bob on the right but not sure of the other chap


Sam Simons (think his name was really Martin!) Derek's camera-shy big brother

Not sure of these names but think it was taken on-board ship when they all left for England

Susan ?, Karen Fuge,  Kay Entwhistle and ?

Janet ? and Sue Benfield

Janet and Pete Fice

Pete Fice, Steve Clode, Geoffrey, Mike Beer and Glen

. ?, Carol Cawkwell, Karen Fuge, Sue ? and Kay Entwhistle

Raymond, Chris, Karen, John and me (Alayne Hanger)

Kay Entwhistle..