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Alastair Young

My thanks to Alastair Young for these family photos from his time in Singapore.

1969 Royal Naval School - First Year- Alastair 3rd from right, back row

19th Nov 1969- Royal Naval School- 2nd Year- Alastair Young sixth in from left back row

99 Jalan Kemuning Sembawang Springs - Jock, Jean, Peter Coe, Me and a Friend 1969

99 Jalan Kemuning Sembawang Springs- Alastair, Bengo and my Action Man in the Singer Gazelle 1969

99 Jalan Kemuning Sembawang Springs- Ann, Bengo and partial of me in Cub Uniform


99 Jalan Kemuning Sembawang Springs- Jock with Newrich Martin - 1969

1968 Jalan Indera Putra, Johore Bahru Ann, Jean and Alastair Young, 'This is Mai our Amah with us in her working gear' with Bengo & Patch

1968 Jalan Indera Putra, Me and Mum

1968 Jalan Indera Putra, The Youngs with Mai

1969 HMS Terror Singapore- Sports Day- Recipient of Trophy Unknown

1969 Seletar Island. The Youngs with Newrich Martin 'Alastair wouldn't smile'

Alastair in Port Dixon 1968-69

Alastair Young-Jalan Indera Putra, Johore Bahru 1968

Ann and Devina Nimmo

Ann Young & Bengo -99 Jalan Kemuning 1969

Cpt Launders (of HMS Forth) and his wife at end of table, Vera Nimmo to his left, then Peter and Ivy Brook

Jean, Pete & Ivy Brook, Jock, (two on right side of table unknown)

L-R Jock, Vera Nimmo, Jean & David Nimmo- New Year Party

Jock Young back in England

Jock Young- Malaysia- 1968

Me and Dad in Penang

Me and Mum at Port Dixon, Malaysia

Me, Neil McCabe, Ann-99 Jalan Kemuning

Mum, me and Ann- all looking ecstatic

Birthday Cake of HMS Forth onboard HMS Forth

L-R (1st unknown) Pat Wilson, lady kneeling unknown, Jock Young, Unknown, Jean Young & Tug Wilson (in white dinner dress)


L-R Pat Wilson, Jock, Vera Nimmo, Jean, Tug Wilson

Sub Lt Francis 'Jock' Young

The Youngs at the Tiger Balm Gardens

Me and Ann - Tiger Balm Gardens

Ann and Alastair Young- Tiger Balm Gardens

Ann and Alastair Young- Tiger Balm Gardens

Vera Nimmo and Jean Young