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Singapore Revisited 6


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Page 1 - Jane Radford

return visit to Singapore

Page 2 - Jane Radford

includes Canada Road

Page 3 - Jane Radford

includes Kuala Lumpur

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includes Portsdown Road

Page 5 - John Harper

Chinese New Year

Page 6 - Dave Papworth

Ford Factory Museum

Page 7- Dave Papworth

General Singapore Scenes

Page 8 - Dave Papworth

Night Scenes, River trip

Page 9 - Dave Papworth

Tiger Balm Gardens

Page 10 - Dave Papworth

Ten Courts of Hell

Page 11 - Lynne Copping

includes two photos of former St. Johns School.

Page 12 - Sue Dorrington

Flooded Orchard Rd. 2010

Page 13 - Paul Hockey

March 2010

Page 14 - Leslie Rutledge


Many thanks to Dave Papworth for these photos taken in September 2006.

Ford Factory Museum

The walk to the surrender chamber from the from the main entrance

Inside the surrender chamber, (the Board Room), this are the actual table and some of the chairs.

Another view of the surrender chamber taken from the opposite corner, note the time on the clock, the exact time the surrender document was signed.

As previous but slightly to the left to show the wall map. The photo on the left (table) is of the signing while that on the right is of the British approaching the factory

Japanese bicycles used in the invasion of Malaya and then Singapore

Lieutenant General Percival and Lieutenant General Yamashita Tomoyika

Chair from the supreme court symbolising the transfer of British seat of power to the Japanese with the establishment of the Japanese Judicial system

Japanese occupation money, (I actually have one of the $10 notes

The outside of the old factory as it is today

The peace garden that has now been created in the grounds


There was difficulty in taking photographs through the large protective glass windows of the Surrender Chamber. So after discussing this with the Curator, Dave was kindly allowed to enter the room to take some of the above photographs.

China Town Museum

The building in the centre, (China Town) with the blue doors was a former opium den and is in Pagoda Street

This is Sago Street, where the notorious death houses used to be, a whole row which was opposite these were pulled down just six month prior to this photo being taken, now there are only two of the former houses left, the shop house on the right with the revamped frontage and the building next to it with the original light blue shutters

An upstairs food preparation area in the museum

The opposite side of the same room

This appeared to be a dinning area

This area was used for sewing and repair work

This was the outside loo, a hole cut into a stone slab, (just out of the picture where the door is

This food preparation area was just a few feet across from the previous photo!

Sentosa Island

Photo of the cable car system from Mount Faber

Photo of the cable car harbour building also taken from Mount Faber

I took this during the cable car crossing while still over the main land, apparently its 80m up, not for the faint hearted

The giant Merlion

View looking out from the jaws of the Merlion, the area with all the cranes is Pulau Brani and it’s not mentioned in any of the tourist literature

Photo taken in the herb garden next to the musical fountain, I included this because of the amusing notice which reads, “Our plants and fruit may look tempting but please do not pluck or we will have to charge you $50 per fruit / plant or hand you over to the police”.

Photo of the musical fountain, where stress reliving music was played over a loud speaker system

This photo of the cable car system and harbour area was taken from the top of the Carlsberg tower, 280m up.

Photo looking down on the Merlion was also taken from the Carlsberg tower.

Photo of the Carlsberg Tower.  The car rides up and down the pillar rotating slowly around until it reaches the top, 280m up.

Botanic Gardens

Photo of some local girls in the gardens.

A Guest Book entry by 'rasserie' suggests that they may be Filipinos.

Photo of what I think was the original lake from the sixties era.

A water feature.

One of the many paths in the gardens.

Another lake in the gardens, I believe a newer one.

This photo was taken at one end of the same lake.

The same lake once again photographed from the opposite side looking back up from the previous photo.

Some of the terrapins that inhabited the lake.

For photos of the Alex Section of Bourne Secondary School taken by Dave click here also to see photos from his childhood days in Singapore click here

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