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Singapore Revisited 9


Home Page

Page 1 - Jane Radford

return visit to Singapore

Page 2 - Jane Radford

includes Canada Road

Page 3 - Jane Radford

includes Kuala Lumpur

Page 4 - Roger Thomas

includes Portsdown Road

Page 5 - John Harper

Chinese New Year

Page 6 - Dave Papworth

Ford Factory Museum

Page 7- Dave Papworth

General Singapore Scenes

Page 8 - Dave Papworth

Night Scenes, River trip

Page 9 - Dave Papworth

Tiger Balm Gardens

Page 10 - Dave Papworth

Ten Courts of Hell

Page 11 - Lynne Copping

includes two photos of former St. Johns School.

Page 12 - Sue Dorrington

Flooded Orchard Rd. 2010

Page 13 - Paul Hockey

March 2010

Page 14 - Leslie Rutledge


Tiger Balm Gardens

The main entrance

Promoting the Haw Par brother’s products, Tiger Oil and Tiger Balm

A pagoda housing a Buddha

The Buddha in side the pagoda

Another Buddha perched on to of a column


A Chinese mythology battle scene

Two Japanese Sumo wrestlers also promoting Tiger Oil and Tiger Balm

Closer view of the previous Chinese mythology battle scene


The next 8 photos depict a Chinese mythology story; the women are “spider spirits” who at one point are fantasising and celebrating about a world with no men!








A rather bizarre half human half animal scene


A little shrine that was at the top of the main entrance

These three guys appeared to be having a tea party

One of several large faces near the main entrance

Chinese mythology scenes




These scenes are based on modern parables

This is what happens if you get into debt, the debt collector takes your wife away!

Don’t drink and drive, a drunk has knocked down a young boy sent out on an errand by his mother

You may benefit from an act of kindness, The boat sinks but the turtle saves the fisherman who in turn saved it a few years previous from the market

A fasting Buddha

Another bizarre half human half animal scene

A Chinese battle scene

A battle with a Chinese Lion or Dragon

This chap obviously liked his food

Monkeys who appeared to be harvesting

A Chinese Lion

Yet another Chinese mythology scene

A tiger on the prowl

View looking back down to the main entrance

This tiger is about to strike the snake

Who in turn is about to strike the goat

Photo taken from the road footbridge

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