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Singapore Revisited 8


Home Page

Page 1 - Jane Radford

return visit to Singapore

Page 2 - Jane Radford

includes Canada Road

Page 3 - Jane Radford

includes Kuala Lumpur

Page 4 - Roger Thomas

includes Portsdown Road

Page 5 - John Harper

Chinese New Year

Page 6 - Dave Papworth

Ford Factory Museum

Page 7- Dave Papworth

General Singapore Scenes

Page 8 - Dave Papworth

Night Scenes, River trip

Page 9 - Dave Papworth

Tiger Balm Gardens

Page 10 - Dave Papworth

Ten Courts of Hell

Page 11 - Lynne Copping

includes two photos of former St. Johns School.

Page 12 - Sue Dorrington

Flooded Orchard Rd. 2010

Page 13 - Paul Hockey

March 2010

Page 14 - Leslie Rutledge


Page three of the photos Dave Papworth took in September 2006

Singapore Night Scenes

River Side Point near Clarke Quay / Clemenceau Avenue

Photo of one of the many foot bridges in the Clarke Quay area

This photo was taken very close to the foot bridge

Photo of the main water front area taken from outside the Esplanade

Photo of the Merlion water feature taken from outside the Esplanade

St Andrews Cathedral

Government House

Photo taken just outside the Esplanade looking towards Suntec City

Singapore River Trip

One of the many bum boats, now used to take tourists on river trips rather than transporting cargo

A colourful tubular structured footbridge in the Clarke Quay area

The Robinson Quay Hotel where I stayed during my two week holiday

This photo contrasts the old with the new buildings along the river

The Merlion water feature on the main water front

The Fullerton Hotel formerly the PO

These buildings now dominate the skyline, which the former PO building once did back in the sixties

Cavenagh Bridge, apparently a popular place for the stars to be photographed

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