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Angela Mack

My thanks to Angela Mack for these photos.  Angela was in Singapore from September 1966 to December 1968.  Her father, Terence Mack ,was Scientific Advisor to the British Navy and worked at the Terror Naval Base.  They lived in Merryn Road, just off the beginning of the Bukit Timah highway.  Her twin brother William also attended Bourne, and her older brother Simon attended Bourne and St. Johns.  Angela has photos of Singapore River and boat trip here

Angela Mack

Angela Mack - Form Prize Class 12A.  1968

Angela, second in line waiting to receive Form Prize

Bourne School Speech Day 1968

Bourne School Speech Day 1968 - Singapore National Theatre.

Speech Day Programme

A Bourne School Prefect, entering the National Theatre, unfortunately name unknown.

"one of my favourite memories of Singapore: my twin brother and I standing in the monsoon.!"


School Bus - No. B4

The school bus, which was B4,  had a small accident just after picking my twin brother and I up outside our house. My mother, in the orange dress is going to see what has happened.

 Angela wrote an article about a visit to London Planetarium which appears in the 1968 School Mag on page  41.