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Bourne School Speech Day - 1969

Bourne School Speech Day held at the Singapore National Theatre in 1969 - Thanks to Maurice Hann for the photos

Singapore National Theatre

Singapore National Theatre

Singapore National Theatre

Singapore National Theatre

Staff of Bourne School - 1968/69

Staff - continued

First Year - Prize Winners

Second Year - Prize Winners

Third Year - Prize Winners

Gurkha Wing - Prize Winners

Subject Prizes

School facts and figures

 Jane Moorhouse and her female classmates taken in 1969.

Thanks to Jane Moorhouse for this photo of her female classmates taken in 1969.

Back Row L-R Mary, Sonia, Christine, Lorraine, Jane Moorhouse, Lena and Kim.

Front Row L-R Ann, Christine, Jane, Alison and Louise.


Staff at Bourne school relaxing after school sports day around 68/69.
From the left
Mike Burns, Elwyn Jones, Richard Day, John Cairns and Barry Smith.

My thanks to Elwyn Jones for this photo.


Thanks to Mal Baxter for sending in these scans of the last edition of the Bourne School Magazine in 1971 also photos of Gillman Pool and the Officers Mess at Gillman Barracks.

Front Cover

Back Cover with the signatures of fellow pupils

Principles' Report

Gillman Swimming Pool

Gillman Swimming Pool

Photo taken from somewhere near the Officers Mess.

Officers Mess - Gillman Barracks

Officers Mess - Gillman Barracks.  circa 1970.

see also Officers Mess 2006.


Thanks to Derek Simons for these scans of one of his Bourne School books.

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