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Sheila Glen

My thanks to Sheila Glen for these photos featuring many of the pupils at St. John's from her time there.

Jane Stroud, Diane Marchant, Joan Grimshaw.

Steve Blaseby, Shelagh Holder


Sally Kerr

Mick Cawley

Shelagh Holder, Diane Curtis

Graham Hill, ???????, ????????

Mick Cawley

Mick Bedlow, Sheila Glen

John Webb

Steve Blaseby

Malcolm Newby

Graham Hill, Linda Percy

Stu Marshall, Dave Black

Phil Hanks

Pete Wythe

Phil Hanks

Sheila Glen, Malcolm Newby

Mick Cawley, Sheila Glen

Mick Bedlow

Sheila Glen, Margaret Yates

Cindy Ormerod, Chris Bedlow

??????????, Shelagh Holder, ?????????, ??????????, Sheila Glen

Paul Bainbridge

Sheila Glen

Sheila Glen

Sheila Glen, Josie Duckham

Andy Penny

Dave Black, Sheila Glen, Stu Marshall

Singapore Swimming Club

SSC   Penny Horton, Rob ???????, Meg Hughes

Earlier Photo (1960) Mr. Glen, Anne Grace, Barbara ????????

????????????, ???????????


Geoff Vanicek, ???????????

Diane Marchant, Dave Black, Sheila Glen, Barry McAllister, Sheila Thurston, Stu Marshall, Josie Duckham.

Sheila Glen, ???????????


Ian Glen

???????????, Nick Penny

Sean Hurley, Ursula ???????????

Graham Hill

Mike Harland

General view St. John’s (if you recognise anyone, please let us know)

Enlargement of 43

Colin Burn

Terry Hugo, Janet Iremonger

Malcolm Newby, Shelagh Holder, Sheila Glen, Diane Curtis

???????????, Graham Hill, ???????????

Mick Byrne, Dennis (MJB & The Talismen)

“Chaz” (MJB & The Talismen)

Phil Hanks, Sheila Glen

??????????, Graham ??????????

Elaine Dixon, Dave Smith.

Barry McAllister (The Pagans)

The Pagans  (Barry McAllister Front, then L-R Terry???????, Eddie Catchpole,  Chris Wall standing highest) Stu Marshall?

Diane Sugrue , ??????????

New Year's party at the Singapore swimming club in 1966.


Sheila Glen, Elizabeth Brown , Pat Glen, Sheila Thurston

Sheila Glen, ??????????, ??????????

Max Miserus & Sheila Glen

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