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St. John's School - page 8

Thanks to Sandy Flood for these photos from her time in Singapore.  Sandy was a boarder in Rochester House between 1969 and '71 she went to Bourne and St Johns.

Judith ?, Kay Maxwell, SANDY FLOOD (ME), Alison Walters

I am next to Alison here registering for the annual school sports day, ha ha, do you recognise anyone else?

Sonia Drake

The back view of Phil craze and mates on our trip to town on sat morning. Cannot remember names of others.

I think this is the day when Phil and I fell out and discussing the situation with mates haha...Barbara on left

Alison Thompson and Cheryl Thompson (no relation)

Cheryl Thompson

Alison Walters, and I think her name was Jane Edwards

I am in the middle and Alison Thompson on left

Rochester House

Phil Craze

Barbara Hawke (where is she now, I want to know)

Playing silly buggers in the dorm (me)

Diane Barton, Haggis Flynn, Gill Handley and Jackie Slater.

Myself on Rochester House corridor