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St. John's School - page 12

Page two of Ian Glen's photos featuring many of the students of St. John's School.

Kathy Bird- Front Right

Bob Wesbury

Bob Wesbury

Glyn Jones

Pauline Morris & Ian Glen



Terrance Bettsworth, Mike Cawley and Mick Bettsworth.

Phil Warden

Martin Fritz Dignam

Mr Long

Nico Klerk

Mick Bettsworth

Ian Jackson

Suzanne (Skip) Pearce

Alan Rice

Linda Dallen & Ian Glen

Pam Salisbury & Bobby Wallace

Pam Salisbury

Sue Taylor

Gill Taylor


Jane Durler

Linda Dallen

Gary Durler, Ian Glen, Bob Westbury

Mick Bettsworth

Bobby Wallace

Anna Googan

Ian Glen

Barbara Spence

Sue (Skip) Pearce & Ian Glen

Rod Raymond, Glyn Jones, Pete Barker

Roy Scrafton

More photos from Glen on page three.