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St. John's School - page 9

My thanks to Donna Sears-Brown for these photos.  Donna was at St. Johns 1967 to 1968 and in Deal House, she was at Bourne School before that.

Near the Sanatorium. Christine Burman, Pat Armstrong, Kristin Thompson, Janet Meads

Paul .. a day pupil St. Johns..'67

Terry O'Neil at St. Johns swimming pool..'67

Graham Gunner and Yvonne out-side St. Johns School

Carol Guilgeat! '68

Janice - dorm 207 Deal House, July '68

St. Johns field - Dina, myself Donna Sears-Brown and Dawn

St Johns field.  1st left is Bev Charman, other names unknown.

My thanks to Anna Googan for these three photos taken in 1968.

Top l-r  Campbell, Peter Bell, Steve
front: Dave Jones, Annette, Bev Crush, Sue

Singapore Saturday Trishaw from Collyer Quay.

Front Trishaw: Barb Zeller and Linda Whitman
 behind Trishaw: Bev Crush and Babs Lloyd.


l-r  Anna Googan, Babs Lloyd, Stella, Bev Crush and front Linda Whitman


Thanks to Mike Ludlow for these photos.  The first three photos are of the Hellions playing at St. Johns in February 1965.  Mike was in Singapore from 1962 until 1965.

The Hellions

Mike is on the left with the red bass guitar.


Some names Mike remembers are Sheena, Liz and Carol White.

In this photo - Erica Castle, Joan Grimshaw and Jane Stroud

Linda (or Lynn Roberts)

The band 'The Pagans'

These three photos taken at a Hellions gig at Gillman Pool in 1965.



Hellions at Gillman Swimming Pool in August 1964

These three photos taken at Gillman Swimming Pool in August 1964

Hellions at Gillman Swimming Pool in August 1964


Hellions at Gillman Swimming Pool in August 1964

My thanks to John Smart (aka Sam Smart) for these photos.

The Hellions

Dave Jordon

Hugh Clark

Mike Ludlow

Ian Smith

Sam Smart

Joyce Nicholson and friends

Left to right are Erica Castle, Peggy Maxwell, Dick Case, Susan Ellinor, Mike Ludlow and Joyce Nicholson.

Hellions with Joyce Nicholson standing in for Hugh Clarke who has vanished. This was taken 11th August 2010.

Thanks to Susan Turner for these two photos. Susan was at St. Johns 1969 to 1971.

Myself, Alan (who was off one of the ships all I remember is that he was Irish) and Pene at Terror Pool in the naval base.

Dil Kishor Rai (from Nepal), Pene Smallbrook and myself during a break at St Johns circa 1970


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