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Alexandra Grammar School

List of pupils from Alexandra Grammar School who exhibited work for an Art Exhibition in July 1964 at the National Library, Singapore.



Forward by H.J. Wheeler.

the Headmaster

Art Rooms

Exhibitors List

Exhibitors List


Message from

Inche Othman bin Wok,

 Minister for Social Affairs.


Thanks to Ian Whittaker

for these two pages which lists the names of pupils extracted from the AGs School yearbooks of 1961 and 1963.

AGS Yearbook 1961

AGS Yearbook 1963

Thanks to Geoff Armstrong for these two photos.
AGS Footbal Team circa 1960

School Football Team circa 1960


AGS Hockey Team circa 1960

School Hockey Team circa 1960

Chris Clark is back row 4th left next to who he thinks is Commander Collins, a formidable ex navy officer who taught english.  Om Chhetri adds that the Gurkhas are, back row Ram Gurung, Balaram Gurung and Lachin Gurung.  Front row Gurkhas, Nima Lama and Amaraj Rai.

Ratnaman (Ratty) Pradhanail, informs us that two Gurkha boys, Lachin and Balaram have passed away.

AGS Rugby Team 1960-61

School Rugby Team circa 1960

My thanks to Chris Clark (6th form AGS 1960-61) for this photo.  Chris is on the back row 3rd left.  Other names he remembers are Chris George, George MacGarry and Fred Booth.

Class 1B (year 1960/61) at Alexandra Grammar School

Thanks to Susan Perry for the photo

Thanks to Ian Glen for this photo


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