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Alexandra Secondary Modern School

Alexandra Secondary Modern School, Singapore.  Head Teacher with School Prefects, 1960 -1961

School Prefects with Head Teacher Mr. John MacFarlane

Many thanks to David and Stephen Prior for the scan of the above photo and for the photos and information below.


This is the list of Prefects of the Alexandra Secondary Modern School, Singapore taken from The Arthurian, Vol. 1, Number 1 for the period 1960-1961.  This photograph appears on page 2, with a list of all the names on Page 3.

I guess in those days no body thought to list them from left to right, front row, back row, etc, which  now gives all us ‘Oldies’ a chance to exercise those fading gray cells.

The names, in no particular order are:

Head Boy: Ian McCausland

Head Girl: Jill Boldrini

Deputy Head Boy: Anthony Parkinson

Deputy Head Girl: Patricia Wright


Boy Prefects:


Raymond Hunt

Peter Clark

Edward Tait

Alan Smith

Michael Buckland

Keith Oldham

Christopher Ballard

Stewart Ashton - Front Row, 1st left

John McLaughlin - Front Row, 3rd left.

Frederick Groom

Edward Pritchard

Girl Prefects


Valmay Gascoyne

Sheila Clark

Helen Kirke

Karen Newman

Deanne Blackaby

Fay Lezemore

Maureen Locke

Janet Nicholls

Lynn Taylor

Veronica Blantern-Haine

Carol Downing

Joan Lewis

Jane Beesley


Staff at Alexandra Secondary Modern School, Singapore 1960 -61

Staff List

 Head: Mr J F MacFarlane

Dep Head: F G Richards

Senior Mistress: Miss D L Knight

School Chaplain: Rev C J Browne

Mr J C Turner, Mr M T Andrews, Mr H P Homer, Mrs B Nichol, Mrs A Johnston, Mr S Read, Mr H W L Evans, Miss T M Gwyther, Mr H O Guthrie, Mr P R Bagnall, Miss B J Daniell, Miss P Wood, Mrs B McGaughey, Mr J B Evans, Mr W E Neely, Miss S Keene, Mr P N Nicol, Miss F Salmon, Mr P R Jordan, Miss P M Davson, Mr L T Whymark, Mr D A Chambers, Mr R H Heath, Mr U Coates, Mr J G Foulds, Mr J E Jones, Mr J F Fifield, Mr R A Blowes, Mr B Leonard, Mr W J Davies, Mr T L Briggs, Mr J Gillings, Miss A J Jones, Miss P W Wright, Mrs M Taylor, Mr D Robertson, Mr L F Smith, Miss P E George, Mr D F Howden, Mr R J Baker, Miss B J Rhodes, Miss J Wilkinson, Mrs K Briggs, Mrs M M Duffus, Mrs E G Clarke and Mrs J M Herbert.

Stephen Tallis receiving his DofE Gold Award from the Earl of Selkirk.

Stephen Tallis receiving his Duke of Edinburgh's Gold Award from the Earl of Selkirk.  Unfortunately the details in the magazine give no further information, not even the date of the award ceremony

Alexandra Secondary Modern School.  Inter-School Swimming Team.

A picture of the Inter-School swimming team, from Alexandra Secondary Modern taken in the year 1960-61.  Unfortunately the picture does not come with any caption, so it will be for those of us with good long distance memories to remember who they are.

Back Row, centre is John McLaughlin who has set up an Album of pictures from his time at Alex Sec Modern

Click this link to view John's Album.

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