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Jim Parker

Thanks to Jim Parker for these photos.  Jim Parker, arrived in Singapore late 1960 aged 14.  At first lived in Nee Soon but moved to 3 Marne Court, Wessex Estate.  Joined Alexander Secondary Modern (ASM) and spent most of the time in Mr Peter Bagnall's Class 5T2.   A keen member of the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, and Cross Country and middle distance running, became a Prefect and Head Boy (but who didn't?)  Returned to the UK in mid 1963 aged 17  joined the army and served 23 years.  Settled in Whitley Bay, (north of Newcastle upon Tyne) worked in HMRC for 20 years.  Retired on reaching the age of 65.  Married Zena in 1971 and had 3 daughters, hobby researching soldiers who served in the First World War

Blaka Mati outing I know the names of most except the girls!  Alan Smith, John & Mick Clay, Tony Williams, Jim Parker, squatting Dave Searle.

Tony Williams, one of the Clay twins, Tony ? and Alan Smith, Jim Parker in the middle, below him unknown.

The girl on the right leaning into the guy with the hat is me,
Veronica Cramer (called Rona) and I attended ASM from Feb. 61 thru mid July 64.
Anyone wanting to contact me, can find me under Rona Cramer on Facebook.

Picture of me Ray Sharp, George Fuller and an unknown in front of a basha Class Room

Programme of the Boy Friend musical put on by ASM

Cast of The Boy Friend - lots of names.

Gilman Pool - names (I know most of them) From the right - John Yates, unknown, ? Sutherland, Yogi Valinder and Jim Parker.

Gillman Pool - Jim Parker and George McKee.

Gillman Pool - Back Row: Unkown, Pete Curry, Dennis Hall. George MacKee, Putzi ?, Jim Parker, Yogi Valinder.  Front Row:  Unknown, Unknown, Les Dalby, Bobby ?, Unknown boy.

Two pictures of people who I can name

A cross country race, I am the second of those from the right wearing the ASM black strip


Jenny Jenkins and me winning a jive Youth Club dance competition which for some reason I believe was held in Nee Soon.  I was very proud of winning and of that photo.

I had contact with Jenny a few years ago and she sent me pictures of her grandchild and herself.  Unfortunately I had a massive crash on my computer (well two actually) and lots many email addresses and emails.

"Maleham and David Prior at the tap on Nee Soon Rifle Range", 

Me and one of the twin brothers Clay 

Group of youths at the Nee Soon Garrison Youth Club.  I can name many but not all!


Two pictures of the RAF Pipe Band seeing off the Navasa

The Qucat cafe near Gillman where we spent out pocket money on soft drinks whilst nattering


Official photograph, copyright to Henry Moon, 244 Orchard Road, Singapore.  The Head master is in the centre with the ASM prefects - note all the boys are in long trousers.  It was taken not long before I went back to the UK.  Again I recognise all the faces, but names - how about YOU lot reading this give them to me?

ASM people - what were the names, and colours of the four Knight of the Round Table - Garwayn?, Lancelot, ? and ?.  The colours were red, blue, green and yellow.  I was in the yellow and wore a yellow badge with "PREFECT" on it, a school badge Zulu shield shaped, and the athletics badge.  I still have the athletic and prefects badges.

Prefects of ASM, but some people are missing, perhaps not at school that day.  One male is half cut out of the picture.  I recognise ALL the faces but am stuck on names.

Here are those I know:  After the half out lad is me, Jim Parker, then Alan Smith the fifth Dave Carr, then third from the right is John McLoughlin.

Girls:  The fifth (and more or less central) figure is Valmay Gascoigne (now Young) who told me she and a friend designed the girls Prefect's uniform.  The second to last girl is Rowena Cross (who had beautiful curly ginger hair).

Me and other boy prefects fought a battle to be allowed to wear, as prefects, long trousers.  So this picture was taken before that.

ASM Class 5T2


ASM Class 5T2

Front Row:

Jim Parker, Tony Williams, John McLoughlin, Derek Bilton, unknown.

 Rear: First Tony Adams.  Centre is a gentleman called A Kumas Rai who sent me the photograph from Hong Kong.

ASM Class 5T2

Standing L to R

George Fullard, Tony Adams. Mick Clay, Mick Vale, Jack Bramall, DaVE Searle, Stephen Enon, Mr Peter Bagnall.

Kneeling:  John Foster, Tony Williams, Derek Bilton, Kevin Quinn.  (I took the picture).