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Peter Currie

My thanks to Peter Currie for contributing these photos from his time in Singapore, some pictures taken in Singapore's Alexandra Secondary Modern School between 1961 and 1963.

5T Something

1961 Nee-Soon Youth Club Visit. (Slim, Nigel, Pete, Chris and Dave)

Adrian Moody (Spade) Right

Bobbie Q-Cat

Dave Web Pipeline Malaya

Dennis Hall - Cool

Dennis, Wally (ACC), Pete and John. By the Q-Cat

DOE Loverly Weather, Freezing Water

DOE Malaya Pete Currie Left



Jahore Barhu - Ready for the Off

John Yates, Dave Fog and Dennis Hall

John Yates Q-Cat

Mr Jones, The Class and the boat

On the way Home

Opposite Q-Cat

Pasir Panjang 1961 Margaret John Pat

Pete and Margaret Currie, Botanic Gardens '62