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Maureen Paxton

My thanks to Maureen Paxton who has said she was in Class 2A3, 3A1 then 4A and 5A.

Jason's Bay 12th July 1964

This photo taken at Jason's Bay 12th July 1964. Sue Richards, Ted Tait, Alex Manning, my sister Sheila, Jeff ?? Dennis Hall and Pete Thomas

Alexandra Secondary Modern School Dance Ticket

School Dance at Alexandra Junior School in July 1964.

ASM School Bus

The school bus I went on but I am not sure why we are not in uniform ??
Names left to right are Norma Wilson, Jane ? Jackie ? Dorothy ? And Pat ? plus drivers ?

Alexandra Sec. Modern 1962 or 1963

Left to right are Pat Tait Sandra Jones Norma Wilson ( she was a friend and is on several other photos but without her full name ) and Carol Haddrell. Last day of summer term 62\63 ???

ASM Sports Day 1962\63 ??

Mr Coates Maths teacher 1962 ? ASM

Letter on School Transport

A couple of letters one from the Head explaining why term started nine teachers short.  There is a reference to the coming monsoon half way down.....plus a transport letter.

The ballroom dancing lesson made me laugh especially the last sentence about ' waving arms and wagging heads ' !!

Letter to Parents 28th Sept 1963

School Exams and Parents Day

Ballroom Dancing - Lesson One

Form 3A1/3A2 - Science Exam

History Exam - 19th June 1962

Photos from The Boyfriend and Salad Days ASM productions

I have no idea who the people are in The Boyfriend so someone might recognise a few or themselves



Second group of photos with a few names...John Yates, Dennis Hall, Sue Le Maux




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