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Alexandra Secondary Modern School

Many thanks to David and Stephen Prior for these scans from The Arthurian, Vol. 1, Number 1 for the period 1960-1961.

DofE Two young ladies

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme

Unfortunately the school magazine for 1960-61 does not record the names of these two young ladies practising the long lost art of bivouac construction.

The scheme for the girls had only just started and the following description in the magazine will bring goose bumps to the back of the neck: “The Design for Living section of the DofE scheme is to give young girls a wider outlook on fashion, make-up, grooming, running a home, furnishing, decoration, cookery and entertaining.  Fashion, make-up and good grooming are to teach girls to take pride in their appearance.”

Later in the magazine, in a section headed DofE - .22 shooting – it records that eleven girls and twelve boys are under training.  It also mentions that three girls are amongst the best shots – Veronica Blantern-Haine, Jill Boldrini and Patricia Martin.  Obviously these three ladies were already making plans to break the stereotype.

Ready to go on their first DofE expedition.

Ready to go on their first D of E expedition

DofE Award Scheme - Beleived to be David Myers, and the Messrs Sutherland and Matheson.

All dressed up and away we go on another rumble in the jungle with the DofE scheme.  Believed to be David Myers, and the Messrs Sutherland and Matheson

Boat Building

Meanwhile down at the boat shed, the boys are planning their escape and have decided their best bet is to go by sea.  The two teams will eventually meet up some 20 years later when their designs are rejected by Oxbridge for the Varsity boat race.

Building a Sea Skiff

Building a Sea Skiff

Woodwork Shop

In the Woodwork Shop the lads try to make something from the off cuts of the boat building escape committee.

Inter-School Soccer

Inter-School Soccer.

This photograph would have made a good “Spot the Ball” entry; unfortunately the technology to remove the ball probably didn’t exist.  As the magazine says:  “The school took part in several competitions in the 1961 soccer season, with some success, but without achieving top place in any league.”

The Choir

The Choir

Oh if only someone had taken the trouble to record the names.  So much social history is lost because of the lack of a pencil and notebook.  Never mind I am sure we will all have great fun trying to names to faces.

The French Group

The French Group

Here we are 8000 miles from Europe, sitting in what is going to become the hub of the Asian-Pacific rim and we teach the movers and shakers of tomorrow French!!  “Monsieur - ce qui est anglais pour le marché commun?” (“Mister – what is English for the Common Market?”) 


My thanks to Keith Hughes for these scans of the 1961 Speech Day Programme.

1961 Speech Day Programme Cover

Page 1 - Order of Events

Page 2 - Musical Programme

Page 3 - School Song

Can You Help?

An email I received from Tamara Ledkins seeking information "I have an oil done by Gordon Craig, who I believe was an art instructor at Alexandra Secondary Modem in Singapore in the mid 60s.  It was collected by my father, Alec Killian, editor of a trade magazine for the Port of Mobile and used on the cover.  I am trying to find any more information on the artist."

 Mr and Mrs Gordon Craig

If you were taught by Gordon Craig, or have any other information that can help Tamara Ledkins then please email me and I will pass it on.

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