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Singapore Grand Prix

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Singapore Grand Prix
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Thanks to John Hake for these nine photos of the Singapore Grand Prix.  John says that he thinks that they were taken from what looks to be Nee Soon hairpin.  John was in the Royal Navy based at HMS Terror. 




Motorcycle No.35

Motorcycle No.42





Craig Hamilton confirms the year as 1966, and says that 'motorcycle number 42 driven by Ian (ginger) Dixon an RAF serviceman to whom I was pit crew (or windscreen cleaner).'

Craig Hamilton was at RAF Tengah from August 1964 to February 1967.

My thanks to Peter Chan for the following pictures


Click here to see photos by Peter of preparations for the 2008 Singapore F1 Grand Prix.

On the new 2005 photo is a dual carriage road whereas in the 1960s it was a single carriage road.  I have used the red arrows to indicate the boundaries of the old race track as compared to today.  The only difference between John and my photos: I took it straight out of the pits looking towards the Thomson Mile whereas John stood on the Thomson Mile looking into Old Thomson Road.  Please note we are both in the Nee Soon Range Hairpin location except from different angles. (Peter Chan)

Singapore 1961 Grand Prix.  Cars heading away from the Nee Soon Hairpin.

Thanks to Johnny Ho for these pictures.

1967 Singapore Grand Prix

Rothmans Corner

60's Fashion


Trevor Cheesman's ticket for the 1969 Singapore Grand Prix.



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