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Singapore in the '60s - page 4

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Singapore Grand Prix
adverts below
Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Chinese Chamber of Commerce

Ten storey construction on ancient Chinese palace design, completed in 1964


Singapore National Library

National Library

Singapore National Museum

National Museum

formally Raffles Museum, (renamed in 1960) situated in Stamford Road.

Raffles Place Garden

Raffles Place Garden

The underground car park has parking accommodation for 200 vehicles.  From the car park a drive leads to the supermarket of Robinson Company.

Singapore Railway Station

Railway Station

Singapore Supreme Court

Supreme Court

Telok Ayer Market

Telok Ayer Market

The land on which this market stands was originally a sea basin

Van Kleef Aquarium

Van Kleef Aquarium

The beach at Pasir Ris

The beach at Pasir Ris

St Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews Cathedral

The building in its present form was finished in 1863

Pig rearing farm

A pig rearing farm in Singapore

Vegetable farm

A vegetable farm in Singapore

Britannia Club swimming pool

Britannia Club swimming pool

thanks to Derek Tait for these four pictures.


Singapore Harbour

The harbour

Hotel Malaysia and Tanglin Circus Fountains

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