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Singapore in the '60s - page 17

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Singapore Grand Prix
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My thanks to Perry Gamsby for these photos.

Botanical Gardens

1968 JT George Gamsby, FEAF Band, RAF Changi and Perry and Kim at the Botanical Gardens.

Singapore River

There was also the Kalang River and we used to paraphrase the BOAC slogan. "Grab your hat and go!" when we crossed it on the bus with "Grab your nose and go!" Today I am sure you wouldn't smell a thing.

Queen Elizabeth Esplanade

My sister and I hugging a palm tree.

Tiger Balm Gardens

If I have to explain, you were never there hahahaha.

Tiger Balm Gardens



My thanks to Jim Parker for these photos.  Jim's other photos from his time at Alexandra Sec Modern School, can be seen here

Nee Soon

Nee Soon

Nee Soon

Behind Mum, the Youth Club building

Not so Virgin Soldier

Marne Court - Wessex Estate

No 24 bus at Wessex Estate, which on its route passed Gillman Barracks on its way to the Brit Club!

Transit Road Shop Keepers

Muhammad Bin Hussainni Grandparents,

Shirin Tahir and Tahir Kurbanhusen Zakir.  After which his son, my dad use to manage the shop (Toy shop) Hussainni Bin Tahir.



Gurkha Transit Camp staff, including my Dad, who paid one of the people on this site!

Transit Camp Football Team