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Singapore in the '60s - page 13

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Singapore Grand Prix
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Thanks to Philip Song for these photos circa 1960/61. Philip was a sergeant in the RAEC, stationed at 70 AEC Gillman Barracks.  Philip has other photos of Kinloss House on the site.

Regal Cinema

Gillman Barracks, the old Regal Cinema about 30 metres from the RE Sergeant's Mess

RE Sergeants Mess

The entrance to the Mess from the rear I believe although I am not sure

inside RE Sergeants Mess

An interior shot of the Mess itself with very highly polished floor

Gillman Barracks

Gillman Barracks, taken from the RE Sergeant's Mess looking towards 70AEC atop the hill.

Guard Room at Gillman Barracks

A view of
the Guard Room Gillman Barracks, taken from the balcony of the RE Sergeant's Mess.

The Gurkha Police Band

The Gurkha Police Band at the race course

Britannia Club swimming pool

Britannia Club swimming pool

An alley off North Bridge Road

Singapore Supreme Court

Singapore River

Singapore River

Street Market

Street Market

Anderson Bridge from Elizabeth Walk

Jim Allan RAEC

Jim Allan RAEC in a street market

View from the Asia Building.

Warrant Officer Tony Jenkins

Warrant Officer Tony Jenkins REME 40 Base Workshops Pasir Panjang at Tiger Balm Gardens


View of the General Post Office

Drying the washing in Sago Lane

REME Regimental Dinner - Dec 21st 1959

Two photos of the REME Regimental Dinner December 21st 1959. In the WO;s and Sergeants Mess 40 Base Workshops Ayer Rajah Road, I believe

REME Regimental Dinner - Dec 21st 1959


This photo was taken at the RE's WO and Sergeant's Mess Gillman Barracks. In the background may be seen the Regal Cinema. L_R Sgts. Ron Hill, Dave Cox, new arrival ?, myself and Sid Hawkins

Elizabeth Walk from the Anderson Bridge.

Staff Sergeant Ireland in charge of education at 40 Base Workshops REME.

Photo taken from Gillman Barracks atop the hill on which 70AEC stood. It shows "schoolies" Dave "Timber" Wood and Jim Allan. The two behind were two new arrivals at the Centre and I cannot recall their names.

Collyer Quay

Collyer Quay, photo was taken from the top of Asia Building.

Dave "Timber" Wood

Dave "Timber" Wood 70 AEC Gillman Barracks, pictured by Singapore River

This photograph was taken in the Botanical Gardens. The pretty girl dress in traditional way was surrounded by photographers and I suspect she was modelling for a camera club