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Singapore in the '60s - page 7

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Singapore Grand Prix
adverts below

Thanks to John Cunningham for these photos, taken around 1963.  John was in Singapore 1962 to 1964 and 1967.


The United Chinese Bank

now known as the

United Overseas Bank

which still stands on Selegie Road

Boat Quay

Singapore River

Singapore River


Bukit Timah Road

just before the railway bridge

outside Fuyong Estate, and towards

the Ford Motor plant

Singapore General Post Office

Magnolia Man

Robinson Road


This building was the former

Crosby House,

where the Chartered Bank

had its branch.

It is now a post office

Raffles Place

Raffles Place

Shaws Building

The Capitol Theatre

Street Scene

at South bridge Road.

On the right of the man

is Carpenter Street.


(Thanks to Peter Chan for

additional information on these photos)

Street Market


Bukit Timah Canal

at Jalan Besaw and Short Street.

The row of shophouses have been demolished

and in place is the Tek Kah Shopping Mall.

Institution Hill

Thanks to Michael Fong for this article

about the demolition and development

of this estate above River Valley Road.


Chip Bee Estate


Here's a picture of Chip Bee Estate at Holland Village.

I am sure the familiar landmark of those red-bricked blocks will be in any Britbat Kid's memory.  Below the blocks at Jalan Merah Saga and Taman Waran were the row of semi-detached, terraced houses and bungalows which were rented by British Army families.  The row of bungalow houses in this photo fronted Holland Road.  The hillock on the left of the photo is Kintyre Park Estate.  The block of flats in the background is Commonwealth Drive at Queensway.

see also Holland Village as it is today

Many thanks to Peter Chan for this photo.

1968 Tourist Map

thanks to Rick Williams

Thanks to Michael Fong for these two motorbike photos

The first one is of a stall-holder down 'Sungei Road', Thieves Market beside his old BSA side valve sidecar

This is one taken when we used to ride around Malaysia in the 1970's when old Triumphs and Nortons were put out to pasture in front of motorbike shops, in favour of the newer Japanese bikes. Perhaps someone might recognise the Malaysian Registration on the abandoned 'bathtub' Triumph?

Pasir Ris Hotel

My thanks to Robert Hadden for this photo.  Robert's other photo of his class at Seletar Junior School can be seen here



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