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RAF Tengah

Thanks to John Cunningham for these photos taken at RAF Tengah in 1963.


Base Front

Base Front

McGregor Club

McGregor Club



Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Chua Chu Kang Road outside of the bas in the direction of Bukit Panjang.


Chua Chu Kang Road

outside the base in the

direction of Bukit Panjang

Chua Chu Kang Road outside of the base.


Chua Chu Kang Road

outside the base

See John's other photos on Singapore in the Sixties - page 7
Many thanks to Joe Hendy ex 81 SQDN 1962-1965 for these three photos from his time in Singapore.
RAF Tengah 1963

RAF Tengah 1963

81 Sqdn Hanger 1964

81 sqdn hanger 1964

WH777 81 Sqdn Canberra at Kai Tak 1964

WH777 81 sqdn Canberra at Kai Tak 1964


My thanks to Mark Wallace for these three photos below, which his father took in 1970. Mark lived on Spitfire Road, RAF Tengah from 68 to 71. At the time he left, Mark was 12 years old.

Tengah Primary school cricket team 1970. We won the Singapore primary school championships that year, proud to say I was captain. Ed Sweeney was the teacher and Bernie Crossey was the wicketkeeper.
I am seated front row second from the right, it would be great to find someone that was in the photo or know someone that is.

The pier at the Singapore British Air Force Officer's Club, Changi  where we used to spend quite a bit of time.

Looking back at the Singapore British Air Force Officer's Club, Changi


My thanks to Gary Clift for these photos.  Gary said that "My late father Peter Albert James Clift was with 60 Squadron RAF based in Singapore in 1949/50/51 when they converted from Spitfires to Vampires. Originally I think they were based at Sembawang before moving to Tengah."

60 Squadron July 1949

Boxing Day 1949

Sqd Ldr Duncan-Smith DSO. DFC

Squadron Fly Past


My thanks to Paul Munro for these photos.  Paul said, I do not have memories of Singapore myself, I was only 3 when we went there and 6 when we returned but my family were there between 1963 and 67.  My parents Oscar "Ricki" and Pat Munro were based at RAF Tengah and I believe he was an Armourer.  Does anybody recognise my Dad or themselves, or what the photos show.


Dad on tractor 1963-67



Tengah Meteor WS787 on gate and Me 1963-66

Tengah Nuffield pool Dad Oscar Ricky Munro 1963-67


Many thanks to John Lennard for this photo.  John said "Just come across this photo of Missile Servicing Flight (3X) RAF Tengah I think 1964 and thought this may jog a few memories.
I am 4th from left back row.
We assemled and maintained Firestreak missiles for 60/64 sqn."

I was at RAF Tengah between1962-64. I recognise my late father Mike Blake in the 3x missile photo. 1964. He is 3rd from left on the front row and his friend Jim Buck is  next to him (4th left)



My thanks to Alan Mudge for the following  photos.  Alan wrote in the Guest Book that he was a "Former armourer 1957 - 1980. Did three tours at Tengah between 1960 - 67. First tour Bomb Dump/No.1 Explosives Site, second and third tours with 64(F) Sqn.
Recognised a few fellow armourers faces in the 3X site photo, Rick Huxtable, Tony Foulkes, Spike Williams and Ian Gower.
Also Earl (Yorkie) Richards in the group of armed guys up country."

1,000lb. HE bombs about to leave No.1X site for delivery to 45 Sqn. 1961.

Ground crew air experience flight. No.64(F) Sqn. Javelin 9R. 1967.

SAC Al. Mudge & Cpl. Tony Laurent. Kota Tinggi, Johore. 1963. 

SAC Al. Mudge Arm.Mech.(Bombs) August 1960.

Bomb Dump Coolie labourers.

Bomb Dump Tractor Drivers. LACs Clive Marshall, Derek (Swede) Cotton & Ron Partridge

Cpl. Roy Montgomery

J/T Dave Sharples Later Sqn. Ldr. RAF Regt

LAC Clive Marshall

USAF B57.1960

Meteor NF14. 60 Sqn. 1960

Canberra. 75 Sqn. RNZAF. 1960


Mike Dunning

Tengah-1964/67.  64 Sqdn. 60 Sqdn. ASF.

Me (on left) and my mate (Vic Gale) during one of our diving expeds out to 'Raffles Lighthouse'! We had a great time out there, diving all around Singers and (Off-shore) Malaya, both West and East Coast.


Rick Faulkner added these two photos featuring Mike Dunning and Vic Gale.

My thanks to Thomas Gilbert for this photo.

Thomas said that he was stationed at Tengah 1954/1956 and ran the Cub Pack and the Church Choir. The photo is of St. Michaels Church Choir 1955/56. The Chaplain was the Revd Sqdn Ldr Derek Brookes.

Michael S. Arnold wrote to say. "I think Pat Midgley is front right but I am pretty sure that the girl on the back left is Joan Littlewood and it was her house that the jet crashed into in early 56, she escaped by jumping in to a monsoon ditch."

30th Singapore RAF Tengah Cub Pack

Photo thanks to Thomas Gilbert
Some of the 30th Singapore RAF Tengah Cub Pack on Empire Day 1955 outside the Tengah Primary School. We used to hold our meetings in the school hall on a Wednesday after school.

The boys from left to right are Barry Mc Williams, Brian Knight, Cliff Hilton, Ray Handley, Robert Taylor, Eddie Dore, Lawrence Taylor, Tom Herbert (whom I have had contact with), Chris Herbert, Harry Dempsey, Randall Hammond and Peter Brown.


My thanks to Michael S Arnold for these photos. Michael says "I served at Tengah on 20 squadron ,I was on the advanced party to form the squadron, I left Singapore on new years eve 63/64. I had lived with my parents in Penang and Malaya and Singapore in the 50's  (53-57)."

The first photo is from the trouble in Brunei in 63 and we are on active service Labuan airfield.  The other photos are our return to the UK party in November 63.

I wonder who the young lady is I am with as I can not remember her name but she was very charming, I think her father was in the army as a WO1.

I would also like to try and contact  Girl I knew in the late 50's at Tengah her name was Pat Midgley. We were school children there.

This photo is from the trouble in Brunei in 63 and we are on active service Labuan airfield.

These were taken at our 'going home party' in November 1963 -  the night of Kennedy's shooting.  I am on the left with the pretty girl, mind all the girls are pretty.



My thanks to Tony Douglas-Beveridge Sqn Ldr (retd) for these three photos.  Tony said in his email, "The ending of the Indonesian Confrontation, and the impending arrival in June 1967of 74 Sqn equipped with Lightning F Mk6s, meant that the future of the Javelin was limited. By May 1967 the RAF's last two Javelin squadrons were operating from RAF Tengah. On 10 June 1967 a major effort was made to mount an impressive Queen's Birthday flypast around Singapore, with ten machines from 64 Sqn. and nine from 60 Sqn. This really marked the end of the Javelin force as 64 Sqn was disbanded on 16 June 1967.  I served at RAF Tengah as OC E & I Flt from Jan 1966 until May 1968. During this time the Javelins kept the 60 and 64 Sqn Engineering Officers (Ian Moir and Lou Medland), and sometimes myself, pretty busy."

64 Sqn Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 Flypast RAF Tengah Singapore 1967

64 Sqn Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 Flypast

64 Sqn Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 Flypast


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