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Neil McCart

With my family, I lived in Singapore between October 1957 and November 1960. My father worked as a civilian for the RAF (Air Ministry Works Department) and for all but a few weeks of our time in Singapore we lived at 35/4 Garlick Avenue, Singapore 10 (situated off the Bukit Timah Road, opposite the Race Course turning and off Holland Road). I later served in the RN in Singapore during 1963/64 and 1967, but that is another story

our bungalow at 35/4 Garlick Avenue, S'pore 10

Our house in Singapore. 35/4 Garlick Avenue, S'pore 10. (off Bukit Timah Road, opposite Race Course turning and then about 400 yards along Holland Road and turn left).

Yours truly posing in swimming togs 1958

A handsome guy (Mk2)

Mother and brother Keith at British Military Hospital, Alexandra Barracks, for extraction of tonsils

Father Mr E. McCart surrounded and almost buried by the four of us 1958/59

At the top of the drive

Mainly reluctant children from Garlick Avenue gathered in neighbour's house for carol singing, Christmas 1959

Carol singing at RAF Tengah, believe Christmas 1959. Not sure of the venue inside base

Christmas Day 1959, on the patio of our bungalow at 35/4 Garlick Avenue. Left to right they are, Myself (Neil McCart), my brother Keith McCart, my brother Ian McCart and my sister Sheila McCart.

Dad in garden with twins, Ian and Sheila.

Dad poses with the Vauxhall Velox (complete with column gear change).

The Cathay Building, Singapore, 1958

Ian and Sheila McCart at Tanglin Barracks Swimming Pool (brother Ian remained a very determined non-swimmer, and he remains so today)

McCart family leaving Singapore on 30 October 1960 in the liner P&O SS Carthage.

Orchard Road from the car 1958

Sister Sheila with Jelliah

McCart family at 35/4 Garlick Avenue, celebrating the fact that our papaya tree had, at last, borne fruit

a family joke - Dad hadn't quite got the hang of his twin lens reflex camera

Outside front of 35/4 Garlick Avenue, left to right Friend Graham Tipper, Ian McCart, Neil McCart, Sheila McCart, Keith McCart

The car port 354 Garlick Avenue and amah, Jelliah.

The swimming pool at Gillman Barracks, 1958/59.

At The Gap (near Pasir Panjang) with neighbour's daughter, Joan Freethy

Brother Ian pretending he owns a car 1960..

 Jurong Road, Singapore 1958.

Sheila and two friends

Singapore River circa 1960

Flooding at the junction of Bukit Timah/Dunearn Road and Holland Road 1960.

Father and younger brother in the back garden of 35/4 Garlick Avenue.

With Joan Freethy, Pasir Panjang 1959

Thaipusum, River Valley Road, 1959

Thaipusum, River Valley Road, 1959

Tiger Balm Gardens June 1959