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Bill Gall

 My thanks to Bill Gall. Storeman Explosives, Bomb Dump, RAF Tengah 1957-60, for these photos

1. Tengah Sqdn Crests

2. Learoyd Block, RAF Tengah.

3. Airmans Mess RAF Tengah

4. SHQ RAF Tengah

5. Main Gate at RAF Tengah.

6. Myself in Learoyd Block

7. Some of the MT guys at Tengah

8. Some of the Stn Firemen at Tengah

9. Stn Arm Darts Team 58-59

10. An Armoury boat party in the NAAFI

11. Some Bombs being transported to one of the Sqdns from the Bomb Dump

12. Looking across the Camp Dhobi to 1B Sqdn lines

13. Tengah Runway from the North.

14. 60 Sqdn Venom taxiing past Learoyd Block

15. Venom of 60 Sqdn RAF.

16. Lincoln of 1B Sqdn RAAF.

17. Lincolns of 1B Sqdn RAAF and Venoms of 60Sqdn RAF and 14 Sqdn

18. 45 Sqdn Canberra that suffered a Flameout during take off

19. Canberras of 2 Sqdn RAAF and 45 Sqdn RAF.

20. Canberra of 2 Sqdn RAAF.

21. Another Canberra of 2 Sqdn RAAF.

22. Canberras and Dakotas of the RAAF.

23. USAF B57 on a visit to Tengah.

24. Visiting USAF Globemaster.

25.Some visitors from the Royal Navy at Tengah.

26. Visiting USAF Globemaster to RAF Tengah

27. Visiting USAF Globemaster to RAF Tengah

28. Visiting USAF Globemaster to RAF Tengah

This photo of Spike Whitworth,Ralph  Johnson and Bill Gall was taken at RAF Tengah sometime during 1958/59 I think.