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Kevin Smith

Just a few photos of my family & I in Singapore, dates from 1967-70 at RAF Tengah...I remember we lived on Hunter's Hill. But before then we lived somewhere in woodlands!

1969 Kevin in Singapore.

1969 Kevin RAF Tengah School Singapore.

1969 Singapore. Woodlands hiring.

1969 Me & Karyn Singapore Harbour

1969 Singapore. Roy jr. Roy, Kevin, Mary, Marj, Jaquie & Karyn.

1969 Singapore. View from Mt Faber.


1969 Singapore. Sunset from Bukit Gombak.

1970 Singapore. Tengah Airfield.

1969 Singapore. Kevin & Marje with snake handler.

1969 Me as a boy, Mum & Karyn with snake handler on Singapore habour 1967

1970 Singapore. Marj, Karyn & Kevin.

1969 Singapore. The Causeway, S'pore to Malaya. Tony & Karyn.

1969 Singapore. Fountains outside the National Theatre.

1969 Singapore. Tiger Balm Gardens.

1969 Singapore. Tiger Balm Gardens.