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Bron Worsnip


My thanks to Bron Worsnip for these photos from his time at RAF Tengah.  Bron was in the RAF from 1959 to 1971.

60 Squadron members taken in 1968 before the squadron was disbanded in April. I am the tall blond lad with gasses under the leading edge of the tail plane. The lad with his head on the RADAR Nose Cone is Ric Weaves, next but one to the right is Peter Kay, next right is Keith Marshall, and next to him in the back row is Nick Armstrong. These lads were with me at Butterworth.

A dance night at TYC.

Bron Worsnip and David Steggles 74 Sq

Christmas Day 1967 in hotel bar in Singapore after going to the cinema
to see Paul Newman in Cool Hand Luke.  Me, Liz and Nick

Prize Giving 21 Jan 1968

Taken from the 21 January 1968 Annual Regatta programme.

Phil Day, n.k 64 Sq, Phil Phillips

Entertainments Member TYC

Off on detachment.