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Ron Brown

I was stationed at Tengah August 1956 to January 1959 in the RAF Fire Service, I met my wife there her name at that time was Angela Leader and attended Alexandra Secondary school, her father was Flt Sgt Tom Leader of 60 Sqn

Duty fire crash crew on the old Jap strip I am on the left of the picture

The exact instant the 60 Sqn Venom hit the married quarter in June 1957

We fireman making a vain effort to to save the people inside

Mike Hares and Ron Brown enjoying a night out in the Peking Restaurant and Bar.

Left to Right Ron Brown, Graham Askew, Fitzpatrick, Jack Hawkins, Alan Ledson ( later died in an aircraft accident in April 1957) Front "Spike" Whitworth, Ralph Johnson, Colin Brunt.
Swimming Pool NAAFI

On crash duties at RAF Tengah, left to right Ken Maddra Unknown Ron Brown Colin Brunt

L/R back row John Fitzpatrick, Nick Nickson, Melvin McCarthy, Ron Brown
Front Jack Hawkins Unknown

On crash duty at Tengah L/R Mike Hares, Ron Brown, Don Barnet, "Tex" O'Neil Unknown

No1b Sqn dispersal

Visiting USAF Globemaster

60 Sqn Venom FB4 taxiing back to dispersal

Lincoln of No1b Sqn RAAF

A 45 Sqn Canberra B2

An 81 PR Sqn Meteor about to land

HMT Empire Clyde

Visiting Bristol Freighter

Visiting Comet 2

Visiting USAF B57B USAF version of the Canberra

Line up of fire vehicles, two firemen are Kiwi's attached to the RAF