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Thomas Crosbie

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Thanks to Thomas Crosbie for this collection of personal photographs from his time in Singapore.  Thomas said "Laura of course was my wife who has sadly died from cancer after 58 years of happy marriage. My other love was the Durkopf Diana Motor Scooter. Best vehicle I ever had and perfect for the climate in Singers of course. Alice was our Amah for the two commissions we did out there. One period from 1961 to 1963 and the other from 1967 to 1970. My daughter was born there on Chinese New Year 1969 (Which animal was that?) with the fireworks going off for her arrival."

Thomas "Bing" Crosbie

HMS Ceylon's RM's Cup Winning Team 1953

HMS Ceylon RM's Cup Winners 1953

HMS Ceylon RM's Captain Neil Campbell accepts the Trophy, Singapore 1953

HMS Ceylon's RM Detachment in HMS Terror 1952. Crosbie 5th from the rear left of Drill Sgt.

Steven comes home after a couple of days on board USS Ship

1108 Sembawang Rd, Singapore

Alice Ong, Best Amah, 1967

Alice with Steven 1967

S'pore, Carrying Kavadi, 1967 (1)

Carrying Kavadi, 1968

Carrying Kavadi, 1968

Carrying Kavadi, 1968


Carrying Kavadi, 1968


How to use chopsticks when drunk


Me and Steven, 1963

My Moth, Biggest in World, 1962

S'pore, Raglan Rd, Serangoon

Snake Charmer copy

Steven Returns from School, 1963

Steven and Buddah's in Haw Pah Villa 1962

Steven Eats A Rambutan, 1963

Steven sets off for School, 1963

Steven Skippers The Boat

Steven Watches Labourers, 1963

Steven Buys Ice Cream, S'pore 1962

Inside Our house 1108 Sembawang Road, 1969

BMH Singapore, Chinese New Year's Eve.

Laura, Betty, Tom Smith and I. Christmas 1963,

Laura And Girl From Next Door Count Their Money

Laura Pretends to Weep

Laura, 1108 Sembawang Road, 1968

Laura, Alice and Steven with my Scooter

Laura and Madge Shop For Flowers

Laura And My Other Love, Serangoon, 1967

Laura, Christmas, 1963

Laura by the pool in RAF Seletar, 1967

Laura, Steven and Alice, 1962 Serangoon,

Laura Tapping Rubber, 1964

Laura's Vikings RM & RN Netball Team, 1968

Neil and Mum In Swimming Pool Area HMS Terror Singapore

Oxen Graze At Our front Gate 1964

Sgts Mess 42 Cdo. Nee Soon, S'pore.

Sgts Mess 42 Cdo. Nee Soon, S'pore 

Sgts Mess 42 Cdo. Nee Soon, S'pore 


Sgts Mess 42 Cdo. Nee Soon, S'pore


Young Laura Getting Breakfast, Singapore 1970

Baby Laura is Christened with God parents Doris Norton & Barbara Bostock  

Laura and Laura Junior 1969

Neil and Friends, 1108 Sembawang Road Our House, S'pore 1969

Jim Polkinghorne (Relaxed Muscles ) when we went on a day trip to one of the Islands. Shell Island in the near distance

Serangoon Gardens Roundabout, Singapore 1962 

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