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Singapore Related Web Links

Please note that links listed below are links to external websites and will open in a new window.

St. Georges School Hong Kong

A site for ex-students and staff


Web site organised by Derek Tait.  History and information on the Naval Base, and Royal Naval School, Sembawang, Singapore.  Derek also has a '60s Singapore Blog

Seletar Schools Pupil Group

A Yahoo Groups site for Ex Seletar School pupils

Terendak Schools

A Yahoo Groups site dedicated to the schools in Terendak camp, Malacca in the sixties.

Pams Home Page

A personal site by Pam dedicated to soldiers and families living in Terendak Camp.

Forces Reunited

UK Armed Forces Reunion site

Ex British Forces Kids Association ('Brats' Worldwide)

SingaporeExfareastbrat yahoo group.  The group is a closed group so you have to apply to get access to files and photos etc.

Singapore Photos by Roger Thomas

Singapore photos by Roger Thomas including Sussex and Wessex Estates, and St. John's School. Roger also has some great photos including the Medway Park Estate, which has remained relatively unchanged at mypicturetown  

Singapore Photo Gallery

A two page Website by Roger Thomas.

ANZ Military Brats of Singapore

This is a new website address for Australian and New Zealand Military Brats who share the love of their time in Singapore.

John Harpers' Website

John has created a site that is a mix of recent visits to Singapore, and of his time there in 1957 - 59.  Further photos of John Harpers' visit to  Singapore in 1989

Good Morning Yesterday

A Blog set up by Lam Chun See to share his memories with younger Singaporeans about their past.

For Friends at Memories of Spore

A photo album set up by Lam Chun See with pictures of Fruits found in Singapore, and modern day Changi Village.

Dempsey Road, Singapore

A series of recent photos of the Dempsey Road area taken by Lam Chun See.

The Janvision Gallery

A personal site of photographs by Pete Biggadike with photos of Singapore and RAF Seletar between 1957 and 1959 with some interesting aerial photos.

Royal Air Force Chia Keng Singapore - Radio Receiving Station

A personal site started by Derek Lehrle about what was RAF Chia Keng a small camp close to Paya Leba.


A Blog about Singapore's heritage, history and museums.

Singapore Memories

Peter Dobson's photo page from his time in Singapore 1967 - 1970

The Keropok - Singapore Daily Photo

A Blog site with new photo each day on an aspect of Singapore life.

Singapore Life and Times

Blog reflecting of times past and life in Singapore today.

Jalan Kayu Trail

A Blog about the history of the Jalan Kayu, Seletar Airfield area.  It's been set up by some school children.  They have interviews and contributions from ex-servicemen, both from UK and Australia.  Many nice photos contributed by these ex-servicemen

The Army Children Archive (TACA)

Although it is still in its infancy, it is hoped that TACA will eventually provide a useful source for social, military and family historians, and particularly that it will interest former and current army children

Alexandra Sec Modern

An album of photos by John McLaughlin from his time at Alexandra Secondary Modern School, Singapore

My Time in the RAF

A brief summary by Norman Victor Quinnell of his time in the RAF 1943 -1947. Three chapters feature Singapore and RAF Changi, with accompanying photos.

Picasa Web Albums - David Papworth

David Papworth's photos of Singapore taken by his late father, who was stationed at RAF Tengah with 74 Squadron from mid 1967 to the end of 1969.