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    This site contains many photographs and images contributed by people who lived in Singapore during the 1960s' and early '70s.  Many of whom are ex-pupils of St. John's Comprehensive School, Bourne Secondary School, and of other BFES Schools that were once in Singapore.  See List of Contributors  It may also be worth looking at the Guest Book to see who has signed. 

Don't forget, if you wish to share your pictorial 'Memories of Singapore' with others, you can email them to me for inclusion, or upload them yourself to the Photo Gallery.




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Memories of Singapore makes the news in Singapore. The article appeared in the TODAY Newspaper in 2006. The article in PDF format can be viewed by clicking here.
Singapore in the Sixties a Microsoft Office PowerPoint Presentation of photos from this site produced by someone unknown.  Discovered by Alan Wilkinson and submitted by Ken Wildon.  Play or save to disk.  The original photos used can be seen on these pages


BFES Singapore Schools Reunions

For further information and to be kept up to date on reunions, please ensure that the Singapore Schools Reunion has your current email address by filling in the form below.

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  Three Heads Of The Dragon by Chris Elsden

A story of terrorism, love and revenge in 1960's Singapore.


available as a Kindle edition from Amazon.co.uk

or buy the paperback from Feedaread.com


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24-11-2015  My thanks to Kyria Hewitt for the 1965 Naval Base School photo.


09-11-2015 My thanks to Derek W. Sherring for adding 13 new photos to the Photo Gallery featuring his time at RAF Changi 1950-53.


01-11-2015 My thanks to David Mason for a new album of 56 photos in the singas Photo Gallery


20-10-2015 I have now taken over the running of the British Service Schools site  alexandragrammar.org  therefore any enquiries about the school site will now be dealt with by singas.co.uk


22-09-2015 Email message from Tony Wheeler to former pupils of Alex Grammar School and St. Johns, regarding his late father, Hugh and a visit to Singapore.


14-09-2015  Eight new folders of photos added to the Photo Gallery thanks to Alan H. Fraser.


21-08-2015  Some new photos from the Plymouth Fireworks Reunion thanks to Lou Watkins.


14-08-2015 New page of photos added thanks to Tony van Eijk


23-05-2015 Three new photos added to the Photo Gallery thanks to Alexis Fielder featuring RAF Tengah.


27-04-2015 New photo added to the Photo Gallery of Mr Bergins class at Alexandra Juniors in 1969.  My thanks to Mike Wardle


24-04-2015 Four new photos added to the Photo Gallery thanks to Bob Lunney (RN Base and St. Johns 1968-71)


13-03-2015  More photos from Gary Durler added to the Photo Gallery featuring many students from St. John's School.


11-02-2015 64 Sqn Gloster Javelin FAW Mk9 Flypast RAF Tengah Singapore 1967.  Three photos thanks to Tony Douglas-Beveridge Sqn Ldr (retd).


28-01-2015 Two photos of the 1st mini-reunion held at Plymouth added thanks to Lou Watkins.


07-01-2015 New set of photos added to the Photo Gallery thanks to Gordon Chesterman who has added his fathers collection from his time at RAF Changi.


19-10-2014  Six new photos from Maureen Paxton featuring ASM School production of 'Salad Days' and 'The Boyfriend'.


29-09-2014 New photo from Bill Johnston of a mini reunion with some of his ex-pupils.


17-08-2014  Six new images of ASM letters to parents and exam questions added by Maureen Paxton


25-06-2014  Some photos of the reunion held in Singapore in June have been added to the Photo Gallery thanks to Lynne Copping.


25-05-2014  Thanks to Jerry Clack for adding over 70 photos to the Photo Gallery.




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