Andrew Barber
Thanks to Andrew Barber for submitting these photographs. Andrew was a Boarder 1966 - 1968 at Richborough
House. St. Johns Comprehensive School, Singapore.
Andrew Barber and ?
Photo from Roy Scrafton
Back L-R. Tom Tait, Deeve (Dave ?),
?, Mike Haddon, ?,?.
Front L-R. Richard Mellish (holding
cup), Roy Scrafton, Andrew Barber.
L-R Mike Haddon, Roy Scrafton
and Nick Hopkins
Val Keen, Andrew, Tom Tait
(possibly) others unknown.
Andrew Barber
Rob Mellish and Andrew.
Roy Scrafton and Mike
Haddon checking the
strength of Andrew’s
Orchard Road.
Collier Quay Nov-’66. Andrew,
his mother and brother.
Andrew outside his Dorm
(Richborough House)
Baggage reclaim KL Airport
(end of term arrivals)
Arrival back to KL (end of
Main Hall + Aircon Pool
View of school from the Kent
Ridge side.
Another view from the Kent
Ridge side.
Possibly the Headmaster,
or the Gardiner!!
The Quadrangle
View from 2nd floor
Richborough House looking
over the dinning hall
towards Kent Ridge.
Sports Field