Dave Papworth page 4

A collection of photos belonging to David's mum on Scout and Guide events in Singapore 1968/69
1908 Cub Scouts
A Guiding Event
Brownie Revells
Brownie Revells
Brownie Revells
Brownies at Hill 152
Brownies at Hill 152
Brownies having lunch at Hill 152
Cooking at Hill 152
Cub Scouts and Brownies at Hill 152
Cub Scouts and Brownies at Hill 152
Cub visit to the Fire Station
David cooking at Hill 152 (Cub Scouts)
David in Cub Scout uniform at flat
David in Scout uniform
David's mum (right) at a Guide Event
David's mum at a Cub Scout Event
David's mum in Guider uniform
David's sister Gill in Guide uniform
Guides at Far East Mansions
Guides at Hill 152
Hill 152 - David's mum (right), Mrs Artinstall (centre)
Brownie Event
David's mums friend Margaret Mears on a family day out
David's mum with two puppies outside D Block Far East Mansions
Dog Fostering - David's sister, Gill second from right
Girls Night Out
Girls Night Out
Parents night out with friends
David's mum and fellow Dakotas Team member
Dakotas Netball practice