Stuart McArthur

Thanks to Stuart McArthur for these photos.  Stuart was a boarder in Dover House at St. John's from 1965 to 1967.
Frances Williams
(I know that she lives in the
Stockport area)
Mike Scott (middle) with
Jai Matthews on the left,
Dave Rimmer right and
George Knibb on the
This is of St. John's Church
choir!! or at least the part
that consisted of boarders.
From L to R: Charlie Else,
Myself, Jai Matthews, Mike
Scott, Linda Fowley and
George Knibb.
This photo was taken after
choir practice.
George Knibb and myself.
George was last heard of
in the 70's in the Bath
The choir again, this time
in full regalia.
L to R: Linda Fowley, ????,
myself, Caroline
Henderson, Mike Scott,
Charlie Else and George
Linda Fowley.  Linda and I
managed a few letters to
each other after our return
to the UK, she was last
heard of living just outside
Glasgow.  My memories of
Linda are of a very
intelligent, pretty and KIND
young woman.
Taken outside St Johns
L to R: ????, ....Cogswell,
????, and Yvonne Williams. 
The reason I know that
Yvonne is in the picture, is
because we used to be
married!!!  Yvonne lives
just outside Cambridge.